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To work hard - thesaurus


work at

to try hard to develop or improve something



to work hard to achieve something



to work harder than you should



to work very hard



literary to work very hard doing something difficult and tiring, especially physical work

apply yourself

to work very hard on something for a long time

put your back into something

to do something, especially physical work, with a lot of effort

buckle down

to start working hard and seriously



to work hard, especially physically

exert yourself

formal to use a lot of physical or mental effort

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More synonyms

beaver away

if you beaver away at something, you work very hard at it

break your back

to work extremely hard to get something done

burn the candle at both ends

to work too hard as well as trying to do other things, so that you do not get enough sleep because you go to bed late and get up early

burn the midnight oil

to work until very late at night

busy yourself

to make yourself busy by doing a particular job or activity



to work hard for a long time to achieve something that you strongly believe is morally right

dig in

Americaninformal to begin work with great determination

do the hard yards

to do the hard work and effort that is needed for success, often when this is not noticed by other people

get your hands dirty

to do physical work

give a hundred percent

to try or work as hard as you can in order to achieve something



Britishinformal to work very hard

grind away

to work hard and in a determined way over a long period of time, often on something that is boring or difficult

I’m working on it

to spend time producing or improving something

kill yourself

to work too hard and make yourself very tired

knock yourself out

informal to do a lot of work in order to achieve something

knuckle down

to start working hard, especially when you should have done this earlier

make up for lost time

to spend a lot of time doing something because you did not have the chance to do it before

overdo it

to work too hard, making yourself tired or sick



to do more than you are capable of

play/work/sing etc. your heart out

to put a lot of effort into playing, working, singing, etc.

pull/carry your weight

to do your share of work

put your best foot forward

to start trying hard to behave or work as well as you can



informal to work hard and for a long time doing something that is difficult or boring



informal to work hard

sweat blood

to work very hard to achieve something

work/cry/run etc. your guts out

informal to work/cry/run etc. very hard

work like a Trojan

to work very hard

work your butt off

to work very hard to achieve something

work your fingers to the bone

to work very hard, especially doing something that involves a lot of physical effort



to manipulate someone psychologically so that they begin to question their own perceptions and memories

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