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To enjoy something, or to enjoy yourself - thesaurus




to get pleasure from something



to enjoy doing something, or to feel that someone or something is pleasant or attractive

delight in

to get a lot of pleasure or enjoyment from something

go in for

to enjoy a particular thing or activity



to obtain a benefit or have a positive feeling when you do something

drink in

to experience something with great enjoyment

revel in

mainly literary to enjoy something very much



mainly spoken to like or enjoy something very much

have your fun

to do something that you enjoy or think is funny, especially something that annoys someone else

take/find pleasure in (doing) something

to enjoy doing something very much

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to enjoy people’s attention and approval, especially when you have achieved a great success

be full of fun

to get a lot of enjoyment from the things that you do

be one for (doing) something

to like or enjoy something very much

big it up

to enjoy yourself in a social situation, often by spending a lot of money



mainly literary to drink alcohol and enjoy yourself in a noisy way

cut loose

informal to stop behaving in a controlled way and start having fun

disport yourself

to enjoy yourself, especially in a way that makes other people notice you

do something for its own sake

to do something because you enjoy it or think it is important, not because you want to achieve a goal

enjoy yourself

to get pleasure from an event or experience

enter into the spirit (of something)

to behave in the enthusiastic way that people expect in a particular situation, for example in a game or at a party

feast your eyes on

to take great pleasure in looking at someone or something



old-fashioned to go from place to place enjoying yourself, especially when you should be doing something else



informal old-fashioned to go from place to place looking for enjoyment

get a charge out of something

to enjoy doing something because it is exciting

get into

informal to start enjoying something, or to become enthusiastic about it

get off on

to enjoy and become very excited about something, especially in a sexual way

get out

to go to different places and spend time enjoying yourself

get out of

to get pleasure or a benefit from something

get your jollies

informal to get pleasure from an activity or experience

get your kicks from something

to do something, especially something bad, because it gives you a feeling of excitement

glory in

to get a lot of pleasure or satisfaction from something

go out

to leave your house and go somewhere, especially to do something enjoyable



to have as much of an enjoyable experience as you want

hang/cut loose

to start enjoying yourself and behaving in a relaxed uncontrolled way

have a field day

American to have the chance to do something that you really enjoy, especially when it causes trouble for someone else

have a high old time

to enjoy yourself a lot

have a whale of a time

to have a lot of fun



to allow yourself to have or do something that you enjoy

lap up

to enjoy something and be eager to get more of it

let your hair down

to relax and enjoy yourself because you are in a comfortable environment



to have an interesting and exciting life

live for/in the moment

to enjoy the present time and not worry about the future

live it up

to do enjoyable and exciting things that involve spending a lot of money



used about places, ideas, etc.



to enjoy being in a very pleasant, comfortable, or relaxing situation or place

make a day of it

to spend the whole day, instead of just part of it, doing something enjoyable

make a night of it

to stay out late into the night having fun

make merry

to have fun and enjoy yourself, especially with music, drinking, dancing, etc.

make whoopee

old-fashioned to enjoy yourself in a noisy way

never tire of something

to always enjoy something

paint the town red

to enjoy yourself by going to places such as bars and clubs



informal to have fun eating and drinking, dancing, etc. with other people

rave it up

to enjoy yourself drinking and dancing with other people



to get great pleasure or satisfaction from something



to enjoy the thought of something that you are going to do



mainly literary to celebrate or enjoy yourself in a lively and noisy way, especially by singing, dancing, and drinking alcohol



to enjoy an experience, activity, or feeling as much as you can and for as long as you can


the British spelling of savor

soak in

to spend time experiencing and enjoying the mood or feeling in a place

soak up

informal to spend time experiencing, listening to, or feeling something enjoyable

take (a) delight in (doing) something

to enjoy something, or to enjoy doing something

take/find pleasure in (doing) something

to enjoy doing something unpleasant to someone else

whoop it up

to enjoy yourself in a noisy way, especially with a lot of other people



a lifestyle focussing on simple pleasures such as comfort and cosiness in the home, and spending time with friends and family

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