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To be, or to become sad, regretful or upset - thesaurus




to feel sorry or sad that something has happened



to feel extremely sad because someone has died



to feel very sad because you cannot be with someone who you love



to feel extremely sad because someone has died, and to express this in public



if your spirits sink, you become sad

feel sorry for someone

to feel sympathy for someone because they are in a difficult or unpleasant situation

upset yourself

to become sad, worried, or angry by thinking about something unpleasant

get down

to start feeling sad or losing hope



mainly literary if your heart aches, you feel very sad, or very sorry for someone

feel sorry for someone

to feel sad about your life instead of trying to do things that could make you feel better

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More synonyms

be at/reach the end of your tether

to feel very upset because you are no longer able to deal with a difficult situation

be/feel hard done by

to be treated in an unfair way, or feel that you have been treated in an unfair way

be hurting

informal to feel emotional pain

be in a mood

to feel unhappy or angry

be out of your element

to feel unhappy and uncomfortable in a situation

come apart at the seams

to start behaving in a very strange way because you cannot deal with what is happening to you

come/fall apart at the seams

to be unable to deal with ordinary situations

cry over spilled milk

to waste time feeling upset about something bad that has happened and cannot be changed

fall to pieces

to be so upset or unhappy that you cannot behave normally

feel awful

to feel guilty or sad

feel/be cheated

to feel that you have not been treated fairly

feel rotten

to feel sorry or guilty about something that you have done

get out of the right/wrong side of bed

used for saying that someone is in a good/bad mood

go postal

to get extremely upset, often in a violent way

kick yourself

to be very annoyed because you have made a mistake, missed an opportunity, etc.



to feel annoyed, upset, or unhappy about something



to feel sad about someone because they are not with you any more



to be sad or disappointed because something no longer exists or is not as good as it was in the past



to feel sorry or sad about something that you have said or done



formal to recognize that you have done something wrong and to feel ashamed and sorry about it, especially when you have done something against the rules of your religion



mainly literary to be sorry about something and wish that it had not happened. A more usual word is regret.



to become very upset by something that has happened or that someone has said or done

someone’s heart aches

used for saying that someone feels very sad

someone’s heart sinks

used for saying that someone suddenly feels very worried, upset, or disappointed



literary to feel or show great sadness

take something hard

to be very upset by something

take something personally

to feel that a failure or unpleasant situation is your fault and be upset about it




to manipulate someone psychologically so that they begin to question their own perceptions and memories

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