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(also webcam blackmail)
the crime of trying to get money from people by persuading them to perform sexual acts that are filmed on a webcam and then threatening to share the film with friends, family, employers, etc
The shocking rise of 'sextortion' crime is laid bare today as police reveal the number of cases has doubled in a year.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 30/11/2016


very unstable; wobbly
You see, most people think that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually, from a non-linear, non-subjective point of view, it's more like a big ball of...Wibbly-Wobbly...Timey-Wimey...stuff.
I braked and went into a wibbly-wobbly spin on the icy road.
Submitted by: The Doctor on 30/11/2016


having an irrational fear or hatred of America, Americans or the American culture
The student was influenced by her Ameriphobic teacher.
Submitted from United States on 29/11/2016

phantom limb syndrome

the ability to feel sensations and/or pain in a limb that no longer exists, usually as a result of amputation
Submitted by: GeorgiaP. from Greece on 29/11/2016


nounshowing disapproval
an insulting term used to criticise anyone who objects to your views or actions, implying that they are fragile and delicate
In calling someone a snowflake, you are not just shutting down their opinion, but telling them off for being offended that you are doing so.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 28/11/2016

pearl clutching

shock and dismay expressed by someone with traditional views
The pearl-clutching and virtue-signaling reached Everest-high heights this week.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 28/11/2016

pearl clutcher

a derogatory word for someone with conservative or traditional views who is easily shocked
Too bad, little pearl-clutchers, stop your whining!
Submitted from United Kingdom on 28/11/2016

snowflake generation

(also generation snowflake)
used to refer to young people, regarded as being over-sensitive and unable to cope with criticism or robust debate
Millennials have created Generation Snowflake: a generation that takes to offence to everything they possibly can.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 28/11/2016


short for 'Honey' as a term of endearment
Kathy: "Hon I love you so much." Ben: "I love you too hon."
Submitted by: Alexiannamaribelle from Albania on 28/11/2016


weight over and above what is required or allowed
excessive or burdensome weight
The most useful measure of overweight and obesity is body mass index (BMI).
Submitted by: Andrei Fiodorov from Moldova, Republic of on 28/11/2016


not having all the necessary equipment or resources
Many hospitals currently are understaffed and underequipped.
Submitted by: Georgia P. from Greece on 27/11/2016


not neat or tidy
ungroomed hair
Submitted by: Georgia P. from Greece on 27/11/2016

Barbie doll

(also Barbie)
a slim, shapely young woman doll, usually a blue eyed blonde
There are two Barbie dolls sold every second in the world.
Submitted by: chloe on 27/11/2016

school bell

a bell rung to announce transitions to and from classes
Submitted from Canada on 27/11/2016


someone who pretends to be interested in something in order to persuade other people to buy it or do it
The consumers know that Clarke is a fraud and a shill for the campaign.
Submitted by: simplicissimus from Romania on 27/11/2016

talk bobbins

to speak a lot of nonsense
Yes Tracy and you always tell me I'm talking bobbins.
Submitted by: James Strangward from United Kingdom on 21/04/2014

talk a good game

to say things that make people believe that one can do something or that something is true about oneself even though it is not true
She talks a good game about protecting the environment, but she doesn't even recycle.
Submitted by: simplicissimus from Romania on 27/11/2016

zero fucks

an extremely offensive expression used for emphasizing that you don't care at all about someone or something
Zero fucks were given that day.
Obama has officially entered the zero-fucks stage of his presidency.
Submitted by: simplicissimus from Romania on 27/11/2016


another word for goosebumps
I got horripillation after seeing that movie late at night.
Submitted by: Ray from India on 26/11/2016


to draw or paint on a surface
The painter limned the old man’s face in such exquisite and expressive lines that it almost looked as if he might open his mouth and speak.
Submitted by: Goodman from Russian Federation on 26/11/2016


the passage of one celestial body in front of another, thus hiding the other from view; especially an eclipse of a star or planet by the moon
Submitted by: Javad Hekayati from Iran, Islamic Republic of on 26/11/2016
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