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a new form of a language using emoticons
Some outlets have claimed that emoji are an emerging language that could soon compete with English in global usage.
Submitted by: serguei from Russian Federation on 29/10/2015


the activity of exploring abandoned buildings and other manmade structures; a blend of urban and exploration
Everyone likes different things about urbex – I like this sense of solitude.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 29/10/2015


someone who likes exploring abandoned buildings and other manmade structures; a blend of urban and explorer
Intrepid urbexers are wandering through the industrial wastelands of China, uncovering the dramas of the country’s astonishing economic rise.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 29/10/2015


a game played mainly by children where you say 'Spotto' when you spot a certain type of car
Obviously, once someone has claimed to have seen a yellow car you cannot reuse that car as a chance to say "Spotto".
Member sees another Navara driving or parked then takes a photo of it and posts it up in the group with the saying "Spotto at the shop today" and if is recognised by a member they will tag the owner of that Navara.
Submitted by: Flavi from Australia on 29/10/2015

go back to sleep

to sleep again after waking up
It's okay, go back to sleep.
Submitted by: Caleb Judy from United States on 29/10/2015

only 2 (3, 4, etc) sleeps until ...

a childish way of saying how long it is until something exciting happens
Only 2 more sleeps till my birthday!
Submitted from United Kingdom on 30/07/2014


transient ischemic attack: a 'mini-stroke' caused by a temporary disruption in the blood supply to part of the brain
You may have more than one TIA, and the recurrent signs and symptoms may be similar or different depending on which area of the brain is involved.
Submitted by: aaron from United States on 29/10/2015

lead somebody up/down the garden path

to give somebody information that is incorrect or misleading in order to persuade them
We should not be led down a garden path into believing that there is some enormous groundswell of support.
I am sorry I rather led you up the garden path yesterday. My recollection was wrong.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 28/10/2015

spit venom/blood/nails/tacks

to show that you are extremely angry, or to speak angrily
If ​your ​dad ​finds out you've been ​skipping ​school, he'll spit blood.
Submitted by: Caleb Judy from United States on 28/10/2015


to do something for the sake of completing it; to get something covered, but barely
She scabbed the project due in the morning.
He didn't study for the history test, so he ended up scabbing the essay.
Submitted by: Ceci from United States on 28/10/2015

when pıgs fly

When wıll you return? When pıgs fly
Submitted by: Serdar from Turkey on 26/10/2015


when an organization can increase their output without adding on to their facilities
The oil industry is a poorly run shambles with huge undercapacity in production.
Submitted by: Muhammad Osama Afnan Hanafi from Pakistan on 26/10/2015

no platform

to refuse people with extreme views the right to speak at events such as university debates; by extension, to ban anyone whose views are regarded as controversial or unacceptable
Snowden: officially not cool with no-platforming Germaine Greer.
She had been at the meeting at a London university that decided to “no platform” me from a debate on whether or not prostitution is harmful to women.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 26/10/2015


the husband of someone's ex-wife
My husband-in-law treats my children well.
Submitted by: Michael from United States on 26/10/2015

no platform

a policy of refusing to allow people with extreme views to speak at university debates etc; by extension, a refusal to allow anyone to speak whose views are controversial or disapproved of
The university ‘no platform’ campaign is a gift to misogynistic men.
The no platform of now doesn’t target groups such as the National Front or the EDL – instead, it’s aimed at individuals who certainly do not trail the organised muscle of a thug army behind them.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 26/10/2015


ardent or sexual desire
Submitted on 26/10/2015


a love of darkness or night; finding relaxation in comfort or darkness
Submitted on 26/10/2015


someone who is enthusiastic about high fidelity sound
Submitted on 26/10/2015

credit line

the maximum amount of credit that a person or company can borrow from a bank or other financial institution
The company can avail the credit line of fifty million provided by Allied Bank of Pakistan.
Submitted by: Muhammad Osama Afnan Hanafi from Pakistan on 25/10/2015


the art of putting tiny models of ships in bottles
Lighthouse keepers would have practiced the art of carafology.
Submitted by: Bob Arrowsmith. Vice chaiman of the European Association of Ships in Bottles from United Kingdom on 25/10/2015

go the way of all flesh

to die
Submitted by: Caleb Judy from United States on 24/10/2015
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