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the fact or act of producing an instance, example, or specific application of a general classification, principle, theory, etc. Something resulting from the act of instantiating; an instance.
The result of the experiment is an instantiation of quantum gravity.
Submitted by: serter poroy from Turkey on 23/11/2014 10:08:00


in a state of difficulty or conflict with; used mainly in American English
He had a knack for running afoul of the law.
Submitted by: serter poroy from Turkey on 23/11/2014 10:04:00

by a country mile

by a large amount; by a long way
This is her best film to date by a country mile.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 22/11/2014 13:17:00


to click something unintentionally e.g. in an online game when you want to click one character to be attacked and by mistake you click another as it's situated close to the one you intended to click
I didn't mean to attack that orc. I misclicked.
Submitted by: Jacek Łagun from Poland on 21/11/2014 16:55:00

red mist

a lot of anger which stops somebody from making the correct judgement
I watched that clip of Dr Taylor’s apology ... and I felt the red mist come down.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 21/11/2014 13:34:00


(also turnt up)
a slang word meaning excited, having a really good time, possibly with the help of alcohol or drugs
One artist who likes to sing about being turnt up is the criminally under-appreciated singer known as Ciara.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 20/11/2014 18:05:00


short for obviously: used a lot online
Not going to the lecture tonight, obvi.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 20/11/2014 17:49:00


a person who influences other people and by doing so brings about change
An influencer motivates others to change. An influencer replaces bad behaviors with powerful new skills. An influencer makes things happen.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 20/11/2014 17:43:00

old fashioned

(also Old Fashioned)
a cocktail made of whiskey or another spirit, sugar or syrup, bitters, ice, and decorated with a slice of orange and a cherry
The old fashioned has been the old-fashioned way to make a cocktail for about 130 years, during which time it has been in and out of fashion.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 20/11/2014 10:34:00


in geography, used to form the names of countries or states
Latvia, Syria, Australia, New Caledonia, Victoria, Georgia, Anglia
Submitted by: Word Lover on 20/11/2014 07:09:00


related to the word "thespian"; related to acting
Hollywood stars doing stage plays are just recharging their thespic batteries.
Submitted by: Recelo Celades from Philippines on 19/11/2014 14:06:00


killing one's wife
Uxoricide statistics for England, Canada, and the US (Chicago) show that the extremes of sexual coercion are highest among younger women.
Submitted by: Jordy from Australia on 18/11/2014 19:33:00


a type of wild ox that was an ancestor to the domestic cattle
Our ancestors hunted the aurochs.
Submitted by: Jordy from Australia on 18/11/2014 19:28:00


to take a screenshot of
Screenshotting a Snapchat message is like reading someone else's text messages when she leaves for the bathroom.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 18/11/2014 14:58:00

breakfast rave

a rave (=an event where people dance to loud music) that takes place early in the morning and where there is no alcohol or drugs. Many people attend as a form of exercise before going to work.
Financial analyst Troy Lowrey and doctor Chai Lee are organising Perth's first 'breakfast rave' – a concept that has worked overseas.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 18/11/2014 12:53:00


(also cyclo cross)
a type of bike racing that takes place in autumn and winter and consists of short races across difficult terrain
Cyclo-cross racing was born at the turn of the last century when road racers took their bikes off-road through fields, down muddy paths and over fences as a way to keep in shape during the bleak and cold winter months.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 18/11/2014 12:45:00

plate up

to put food on a plate
The food was plated up and served.
Submitted by: Boris Marchenko from Russian Federation on 17/11/2014 14:12:00

palak paneer

an Indian vegetarian dish made of spinach and paneer (=white cheese similar to cottage cheese)
I love palak paneer.
Submitted by: vinny from India on 15/11/2014 13:22:00


to gossip or share personal information with someone; used mainly in American English
Jennifer Aniston dishes on her engagement and upcoming film.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 13/11/2014 18:01:00

drinking game

a game in which participants have to drink alcohol every time a certain thing happens, a certain word is said, or as a penalty
Drinking games are awesome for so many reasons!
Submitted from United Kingdom on 13/11/2014 16:55:00