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an ancient Roman system of underfloor heating, used to heat houses with hot air; from the Latin 'hypocaustum'
Submitted by: lynnjzhou from China on 17/03/2015 23:45:00


a landscape that consists of sand; a blend of the words 'sand' and 'landscape'
Timbuktu’s golden sandscapes are as improbably beautiful as its people are sweet-natured.
a pattern on sand made as a type of natural art
Artist Draws Huge 'Sandscape' Patterns On UK Beaches Using Only A Rake
Submitted from United Kingdom on 17/03/2015 09:47:00


in US politics, someone influential who collects contributions from many individuals from different organizations or groups and gives them to a campaign
Bundlers are able to funnel far more money to campaigns than they could personally give under campaign finance laws.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 14/03/2015 15:26:00


to add game-like elements to activities and areas that are not games, in order to encourage people to take part and increase success or profits
Below are 3 ways to gamify your classroom with and without tech.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 14/03/2015 10:35:00

quarter-life crisis

strong feelings of worry and doubt that some people have about their lives when they reach late teens to early thirties. The term was coined by analogy with midlife crisis.
Hearing twentysomethings talk about going through a quarter-life crisis can feel like such a joke until you're experiencing one yourself.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 13/03/2015 22:26:00

bust a move

(also bust some moves)
to dance
Dermot is busting some moves for 24 hours, all in aid of Comic Relief.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 13/03/2015 15:21:00


plural noun
a laugh; laughs
Passages like the following could be good for a few yuks with the loved ones. | I'm going to tell you about Ticket Tuesdays again, just for yuks.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 13/03/2015 10:59:00


the practice of smoking marijuana in a confined space such as a car or small room, in order to increase the effect
Both the film and the president’s biography feature hot-boxing, the practice of getting high by filling a vehicle you are in with marijuana smoke.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 13/03/2015 10:57:00

will not make old bones

used for saying someone will not live into old age
His fans have known since his 2007 Alzheimer’s diagnosis that Pratchett would not make old bones, but his death is still a shock.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 13/03/2015 09:32:00


not go or not going
I gon't to school.
Submitted by: tharcisse schuwa from Congo, The Democratic Republic of the on 12/03/2015 20:26:00


someone who creates constructed languages
Does this mean it’s finally reasonable to aspire to become a professional conlanger?
Submitted from United Kingdom on 12/03/2015 15:16:00


a very derogatory term for a woman who is considered to be an extreme feminist
I'm living proof that not all women get paid less than men. Bottom line: feminazis, stop your bitching.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 12/03/2015 11:33:00


an administrator (=someone with technical knowledge who maintains a computer or network and controls access to it)
Whenever something goes wrong, the admins and users will retreat into the excuse that it’s a platform like Twitter or Facebook, and they aren’t responsible for individual users.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 12/03/2015 09:53:00


a swear word; an act of swearing
BBC broadcaster apologises for accidental swear during Cheltenham Festival coverage
Submitted from United Kingdom on 11/03/2015 16:59:00


to cast the same actor in more than one play/film
Hammer Studios brought new life to the Dracula and Frankenstein sagas starting in the mid-1950's, but in spite of the regular cross-casting of actors between the series, the two monsters shared no films.
to cast women in men's roles and vice versa
3 males, 2 females, though some gender flexibility is possible (3 of the characters could be cross-cast).
Submitted from United Kingdom on 10/03/2015 11:56:00


all life within the universe, to include known life, and potential life; related to astrobiology
The moon Titan has the potential for life within the bioverse. | Our Earth is just one biosphere in the bioverse.
Submitted by: Jonathan Riddle from United States on 10/03/2015 02:23:00

hacking back

(also strikeback)
action taken against hackers by attacking their computers in return
There’s just one problem with strikeback operations: it’s against the law. | You have to start with the general assumption that hacking back is most likely illegal.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 09/03/2015 17:43:00


(informal) a press conference (=an official meeting where someone makes a formal statement about a particular issue or event to reporters and answers their questions about it)
Fresh from this morning's presser.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 09/03/2015 12:22:00


someone who studies wine
As a wineologist he spends time researching, sampling, and comparing wine.
Submitted by: TweSommelier from United States on 08/03/2015 21:43:00


(also charger plate)
a large dish for serving at table or for display
Submitted by: dsalks from United States on 07/03/2015 13:36:00