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English language videos

Learning English can be done in many different ways. That's why we're offering a range of free videos for you to watch, enjoy and share. Whether it's a burning question about Macmillan Dictionary, a video that can be used in the classroom, or more information about our resources: these videos will help you on your way.

All our dictionary videos can be found in one place: the Macmillan ELT YouTube channel.

Macmillan Dictionary Red words and Stars

Your questions answered

Which words are the most important to know? Macmillan Dictionary has found the answer. Watch this video about the Red Words and Stars system, which makes it easier to learn new vocabulary.

Real Grammar with Macmillan Dictionary

Videos for the classroom

Our brand-new Real Grammar video series includes short and helpful clips explaining the 'rules' of grammar and answering questions such as 'Should I use who or whom?' Make sure you follow the series on YouTube to receive the latest video updates in your inbox.

Evolution of the Dictionary video

Informational videos

We've got lots of fun, informational videos about our dictionary. In this video Dr Johnson takes you on a journey of the dictionary from 1755 until the present day.

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