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English is a living language, and it is constantly growing. More and more people are spending more and more of their time living in English: studying the language at school or university, studying subjects in English, speaking it at work, in business meetings, on trips. To keep up to date with Live English join Live English on Twitter and Facebook and sign up to the Live English RSS feed on the blog so anything new comes straight to your inbox.

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Free Online ThesaurusFree online thesaurus

The red 'T' button under each definition links you to a fully-integrated online thesaurus of synonyms and related words. We know how irritating it can be to have to do two searches: one through a dictionary area and one through a thesaurus area. The Macmillan Dictionary thesaurus is right there in the dictionary: just click on the Thesaurus.

Example sentences

Example sentences are real sentences, taken from actual communications through emails, telephone conversations, TV shows, and many other forms of written and spoken text. This means that the English you see here is not old, dead English, but real, live English as it is being used today.

Usage notes how words are used

Sure, you understand what plenty of words mean, but how are they actually used? Usage note boxes provide clear guidance on how words are used in context.

More for live English English communication skills

When you are living some of your life in English, especially in multicultural contexts, some guidance can be useful: Avoiding offence, Expressing yourself and Cultural notes are all boxes that you will see under certain definitions to help you communicate smoothly in English.

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