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Language Puzzles

Time for a challenge! These downloadable puzzles are fun brain teasers that help you practice and discover (new) English words. Each puzzle is based on a theme so it's easy to find one that you like or one that suits your class.

Find the 12 hidden topic-related words in these wordsearches. Words may go across or back, up or down, and diagonally up or down in the grid. Need some help? The definitions are on page two to give you a head start.

For other types of interactive English language games, check out this page.

Celebration Wordsearch 2

Celebration Wordsearch 1

American Culture Wordsearch

British Culture Wordsearch

Culture Wordsearch

Halloween Wordsearch

Family Wordsearch 1

Family Wordsearch 1

Travel Wordsearch 1

Travel Wordsearch 2

Holiday Wordsearch 1

Holiday Wordsearch 2

Sports Wordsearch 1

Sports Wordsearch 2

Colour Wordsearch 1

Colour Wordsearch 2

BuzzWord Search

BuzzWord Search

Are you good at puzzles? We are challenging you to find 18 BuzzWords in this wordsearch. As you are solving the puzzle, click on each word to see what it means. Once you've found all the BuzzWords, the leftover letters in the puzzle will make up a secret sentence. Can you find what that is?

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