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What ships and boats do - synonyms or related words



if you capsize a boat, or if it capsizes, it turns upside down or onto its side in the water

cast off

if a boat casts off, it is untied and moves away from the land

come about

if a ship comes about, it changes direction



if a ship docks, it arrives at a dock



if a ship or boat founders, it becomes full of water and sinks

go about

British if a ship goes about, it turns and sails in the opposite direction



if a boat grounds or is grounded, it hits a rock or the ground under the water

heave to

if a ship heaves to, it stops moving. The past tense and past participle is hove to.



if a boat heels, it leans over to one side

keel over

if a ship keels over, it falls sideways

lay to

if you lay a ship to, or if it lays to, it stops



if a ship lists, it leans to one side



off a boat or ship and into the water



if a ship or aircraft pitches, it moves up and down suddenly



if a ship plunges, it moves up and down on water in an uncontrolled way

put about

if a ship puts about, or if you put it about, it turns and sails in the opposite direction

put in

if a ship puts in, it stops at a port

put into

if a ship puts into a port, it stops there

put out

if a ship puts out, it sails away from a port



if a boat sails, it moves across the surface of a sea, lake, river etc

shove off

if a boat shoves off, it moves away from the land into the water



if a boat tacks, it turns so that the wind is blowing on the other side of its sails



if a boat yaws, it goes off the straight course that it should be moving on

hold a course

to keep sailing or travelling in the same direction

ride at anchor

if a ship rides at anchor, it is fixed to the bottom of the sea by an anchor

run/go aground

if a ship runs aground, it becomes stuck on a piece of ground under the water, where the water is not deep enough

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