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Ways of describing something in a general way - thesaurus




used for describing something as a whole, without considering details

as a whole

considering all the parts of something as one unit

by definition

as a part of the basic nature of something

by and large

used for referring to something in a very general way



considering something as a whole, rather than its details or the different aspects of it



considered as a whole

broadly/generally speaking

used for showing that what you are saying is usually true, but not in every instance

something of the kind

used for describing someone in a general way

in general

as a whole, without giving details

when all is said and done

when you consider the whole of a situation, and not just one aspect of it

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More synonyms

as it were

used for making a description sound less definite or less exact

be something of a

used for showing that you are not being very definite in the way that you are describing someone or something



without being specific or giving details

if you like

used when you are describing something in a way that you think someone might not agree with

if you will

formal used when describing something in an unusual way or in a way that you think someone might not agree with

in the event

used for saying what happened, especially when it was different from what was expected

in toto


formal as a whole



mainly American a way of writingkind of’ that shows how it sounds in informal conversation

kind of

used when you are talking about someone or something in a general way without being very exact or definite

not exactly

often humorous used for emphasizing that someone or something does not have a particular quality

one thing leads to another

used when you cannot or do not want to give a lot of details about how something happens. This expression is often used when you are talking about sex

or something/or anything

used for referring to any of a group of things or possibilities without being specific

say what you like (about)

used for mentioning a good quality of someone or something that is not liked or approved of by other people



used for saying that a particular word is usually used for referring to someone or something

there is something about

used for saying that someone or something has a particular quality but you are not certain what it is

to say the least

used for saying that you could have expressed something in a much stronger way



a lifestyle focussing on simple pleasures such as comfort and cosiness in the home, and spending time with friends and family

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a form of location that involves the underwater detonation of a bomb which causes sound waves that are picked up by ships

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