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To watch someone or something - thesaurus




to watch people or places secretly to find out what they are doing



to look at someone or something for a period of time



to watch or study someone or something with care and attention in order to discover something



to look at or watch something

look on

to watch an activity or event without taking part in it

keep (a) watch

to watch someone carefully to make sure that they are safe or that they do not do something bad

watch for

to pay attention so that you will see something when it arrives or happens

stand over

to watch someone while they are doing something, usually in order to make sure that they are doing it correctly

spy on

to watch someone secretly so that you know everything that they do

be on the lookout for

to be watching carefully in order to find, obtain, or avoid someone or something

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More synonyms

be a fly on the wall

to be able to watch what people are doing without them noticing you

be glued to something

to be looking at something and not paying attention to anything else

be in at the kill

to watch someone or something being killed or defeated

breathe down someone’s neck

to watch closely what someone is doing, in a way that annoys them



informal to see, watch, or listen to something



to read, watch, or listen to something with a lot of interest or enthusiasm



to watch where someone or something is going

follow/watch someone’s every move

to watch someone very carefully, especially in order to find out if they are doing something wrong or illegal

have/keep your beady eye on someone

to watch someone very closely and carefully

keep (close) tabs on

to watch someone carefully to see what they do, or to watch something carefully

look/watch over someone’s shoulder

to watch carefully what someone is doing, especially so that you can criticize them



to watch something in order to check that it works or happens in the way that it should



to watch a public activity or event, especially a sports event

stake out

to wait outside a building and watch it, especially because something exciting or illegal is happening

take in

mainly American to go to an entertainment or sport



to look at something such as a television programme or sports event, usually from the beginning to the end



to secretly look at someone or something for a period of time, especially because you want to get information or to do something illegal

watch someone like a hawk

to watch someone very carefully, especially in order to make sure that they do not do something bad

watch the world go by

to sit or stand somewhere and enjoy watching other people as they pass



a lifestyle focussing on simple pleasures such as comfort and cosiness in the home, and spending time with friends and family

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a form of location that involves the underwater detonation of a bomb which causes sound waves that are picked up by ships

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