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To test something or someone - thesaurus




to find out how much someone knows, or how well they can do something by giving them a set of questions to answer or an activity to perform

try out

to test someone or something to see what they are like or whether they are suitable or effective

put through

to test someone or something in order to make sure everything is working correctly



to test a small amount of something in order to get information about the whole thing



to test someone’s skill and abilities



to try something with a small group of people to find out if it would be successful or popular



to do something in order to find out what happens, or to find out whether something is good, suitable, effective etc

put someone/something to the test

to find out how good or how effective someone or something is

shake down

to test something new, for example a system, vehicle, or machine, in a situation similar to the situation that it will be used in

dip your/a toe into something

to try doing something, in order to test whether it will be successful or suitable

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to test something to see if it is safe and reliable



to test something in real conditions, rather than in a laboratory

give something a clean bill of health

to examine something and say it is satisfactory or in good condition

put someone through their paces/put something through its paces

to make a person or machine show how good they are at doing something

see what someone is (really) made of

to find out how good or strong someone really is

suck it and see

used for saying that you have to try something before you can know what it is like or whether it will be successful



to show how good or effective someone or something is by putting pressure on them

test out

to say things that are designed to find out what someone’s opinions, reactions, or abilities are



British to test something thoroughly to see if it works

try something on for size

to try something to see if it is suitable



to manipulate someone psychologically so that they begin to question their own perceptions and memories

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