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To support an idea, plan or person - thesaurus




to approve of an idea or of a person or organization and help them to be successful



to give support to a person, organization, or plan, making them more likely to succeed

get behind

to support an idea, project etc, or help someone in what they are trying to do

speak up for

to say something in support of someone or something



to express support for someone or something, especially in public



to support or encourage something



to give your support publicly to a group, political party, or country



to approve of and support someone or something



if you ally yourself with something such as a belief or an organization, you show your strong support for it



to support an idea and believe that it is better than other ideas that have been suggested

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to publicly support a particular policy or way of doing things



formal to support something or make it stronger

agree with

to think that something is the right thing to do

associate yourself with

to say publicly that you support someone or agree with something



to make an order or request more effective by threatening to do something if people do not do what you want

back up

to give support to someone by telling other people that you agree with them

bang/beat the drum

to publicly show your support for something or someone

be in agreement

formal to agree with a policy or decision

be wedded to something

to strongly support an idea



formal to make someone or something stronger by supporting them in some way

carry the torch

to lead people in supporting an idea, especially in politics

carry through

to make it possible for someone to deal successfully with a difficult or unpleasant situation



to formally support something and allow it to happen

declare for

to say publicly that you support someone or something

go to bat for someone

to give someone your support and help

hold firm to something

to continue to believe in or support something despite pressure from other people

keep faith with

to continue to support a person or idea even when this is difficult

lend your name to something

if someone, especially a famous person, lends their name to an organization or business, they publicly support it and allow their name to be connected with it

nail your colours to the mast

to say clearly and publicly who you support or what you think about something



to support or encourage the development of an idea, feeling, ability etc

pay lip service to something

to say that you support something although you do not really, especially when you do nothing to prove your support



to join other people in order to support someone or something when they are having problems

range yourself with/against someone

to join with someone to support or oppose a particular person or group in an argument or fight

root for

to support someone in a game, competition etc



to officially support a proposal made by another person in a meeting

shore up

to give support or help to something that is having problems or is likely to fail

someone gets your vote

if someone gets your vote, you support what they say or do

stand by

to be loyal to someone who is in a difficult situation

stand by

to continue to have a particular belief or opinion, even though other people have doubts about it or disagree with you

stand for

if someone stands for a particular principle, they believe that principle is important

stand shoulder to shoulder

to show that you support someone’s actions or beliefs, often by doing something together with them

stand up and be counted

to state or show publicly that you support someone or something, especially when something unpleasant or dangerous could happen to you as a result

stick by

to continue to support someone who is in a difficult situation

stick together

if people stick together, they remain close together and support one another

stick up for

to speak in support of a person or an idea, belief, or plan, especially when no one else will



to give support to a position or argument

strike a blow for something

to do something to help or to support an idea, movement, or group



formal to support or prove an idea, statement, theory etc

take up the cudgels

to take action to support or defend a person, idea, political movement etc

throw in/cast your lot with someone

to decide to support or work with a particular person or group of people

throw your weight behind someone/something

to use your power to support a plan or a project



formal to show that you support something such as an idea by what you say or do

vouch for

to say that you believe that someone is good and will behave well in future



to manipulate someone psychologically so that they begin to question their own perceptions and memories

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