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To ignore something, or to not pay attention - thesaurus


put aside

to not allow yourself to be affected by a problem, argument etc so that you can achieve something more important

write off

to decide that someone or something will not succeed and so to stop giving them your attention and energy



to not consider something, or to not let it influence you



to fail to notice or do something



to fail to look after a place, for example a house or garden



to pretend that you have not noticed someone or something



to not consider something important, or to not pay any attention to it



to choose to officially ignore a rule, right, or claim

thrust aside

to pay no attention to something



if your mind or thoughts wander, you stop concentrating and start thinking about other things, especially because you are bored or worried

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More synonyms

be miles away

to be thinking of something else and not paying attention to what you are doing or what someone is saying

close your ears to something

to ignore what someone is telling you or asking you

close your eyes to something

to ignore something bad that is happening when you should be doing something to stop it

don’t mind someone

used for telling someone to ignore someone else and continue with what they are doing

drop/lower/let down your guard

to stop being careful, for example in a game or when you are being attacked

let something slide

to allow something to become worse by not paying enough attention to it

look/stare into space

to look in front of you for a long time without seeing the things that are there because you are thinking about something else



to fail to pay attention to something such as an idea or a work of art

not see beyond the end of your nose

to think about yourself so much that you do not notice what is happening around you

put something down to experience

to decide not to be affected by an unpleasant experience, but to accept that such things happen and cannot be avoided

shut your eyes to something

to refuse to pay attention to something, usually something bad



mainly Americaninformal to not pay attention to someone or something because you are thinking, tired, bored etc

tune out

to stop paying attention

turn off

informal to stop paying attention



Americaninformal to stop paying attention and just look in front of you without thinking, especially because you are tired, bored, or have taken drugs



a lifestyle focussing on simple pleasures such as comfort and cosiness in the home, and spending time with friends and family

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a form of location that involves the underwater detonation of a bomb which causes sound waves that are picked up by ships

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