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To do something well or better than someone else - thesaurus


walk the walk

to actually do something rather than just talking about it, so that people can see you really are good at it



to do something extremely well

distinguish yourself

to do something very well so that people notice and respect you

smash a record

to do something much faster, better etc than it has ever been done before

make history

to do something that many people will remember or learn about because it is very important



to show that you have a lot of skill when you do something



to add the last and greatest success to a series of achievements



to do something so that you get more attention and admiration than someone else, especially someone who will be annoyed by this



to win or to succeed, for example in sports or business, because you have an advantage that your opponent does not have



to do something with a particular amount of success

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acquit yourself well/honourably/admirably etc

to behave or perform in a way that other people admire

back/pick the /right/wrong horse

to support someone or something that succeeds/fails

be a hard/tough act to follow

to do something so well that others who do it after you do not feel very confident about being successful

break a record

to do something that is better, faster etc than anything that has been done before



to say or do something that is better, funnier, cleverer etc than something good, funny, clever etc that someone has just said or done

come into your own

to show how effective or useful you can be

do a good/great etc job

to do something very well

do someone proud

to do something good that makes people you are connected with feel proud

do someone/something justice

to deal with something in the way that you should deal with it

do the business

to do what people want or expect you to do

earn your stripes

to do something to deserve a new position or a higher status

excel yourself

to do something much better than you usually do

find your touch

to start to do something very well

fulfil your potential

to achieve as much as your natural ability makes possible

give a good account of yourself

to behave or perform very well

go one better (than)

to do something better than someone else has done or better than you have done before

go to town (on something)

to do something very well, or to make something look very good by spending a lot of time or money on it

have a way with

to be able to deal with someone or something well

hit the nail on the head

to say something that is exactly right or completely true

hold your own

to be as good as someone more experienced or stronger, for example in an argument or discussion

kick (some) ass/butt

to show someone what you are capable of doing or achieving, especially in a very determined way

lead the pack

to be more successful than other people that you are competing with

lead the way

to be the first to do something, especially to achieve success, and to show others how to do it

make a good/bad job of (doing) something

to do something well or badly

make a good/poor fist of something

to be successful/unsuccessful in your attempt to do something



mainly Americaninformal to do something in a perfect way, especially in sport

not do things/anything by halves

to do things very thoroughly and with a lot of energy

not put a foot wrong

to do nothing wrong and not make any mistakes

outdo yourself

to make a great effort with the result that you do something much better than you usually do it

perform/work miracles

to achieve extremely impressive results

prove yourself

to show how good you are at doing something

put up a good/poor show

to do something well/badly

realize your (full) potential

to achieve the standard that you are capable of

run rings round someone

to do something much better than someone else

run someone close

to be nearly as good or successful as someone

say a mouthful

to say something that is true and important using only a few words

set the standard

to perform an activity at a level that other people have to try to achieve

steal the show

to get more attention and praise than anyone else by being the best, most impressive etc at doing something

steal the spotlight/limelight

to do something that makes people pay more attention to you than to other people

surpass yourself

to do something better than you had ever expected

walk on water

to do something that seems nearly impossible

win/earn your spurs

to do something that proves your ability in a particular activity or situation and gives you a good reputation

work your magic (on)

to use a special mysterious ability that you have in order to get the result you want



a lifestyle focussing on simple pleasures such as comfort and cosiness in the home, and spending time with friends and family

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a form of location that involves the underwater detonation of a bomb which causes sound waves that are picked up by ships

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