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To defend or protect yourself - thesaurus


fight off

to stop someone who is trying to attack you

fend off

to defend yourself against an attack

stand up to

to not allow yourself to be treated badly, especially by someone in authority



to push something to the side, especially in order to defend yourself from attack

hold off

to stop someone who is trying to attack you from coming close

beat off

to prevent someone from physically attacking you by hitting them with your hands or with an object



to direct criticism, attention, or blame away from yourself towards someone else

fight your corner

to defend your opinions when criticized by other people

cover yourself

to take action to protect yourself against criticism, blame, or legal problems



to stay very close to someone, usually because you want them to protect you

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More synonyms

batten down the hatches

to prepare for a difficult or dangerous situation by taking action to protect yourself

close ranks

to join with a group to support and protect yourselves against someone outside your group who is criticizing or attacking you

cover your arse

Britishimpolite to do or say something that prevents other people blaming or criticizing you

drive off

to force someone to go away, especially when they are attacking or threatening you

fend off

to protect yourself from a criticism or difficulty by ignoring it or not dealing directly with it

have your day in court

to get the opportunity to defend yourself from criticism

keep/hold something at bay

to prevent something serious, dangerous, or unpleasant from affecting you

not take crap from someone

impolite to not let someone behave in an unpleasant or unfair way towards you

not take something lying down

to show that you will not accept unfair treatment by complaining about it or trying to change it



to force someone who is attacking to move back or to stop attacking



formal to force an army or other group of people to move backwards and stop attacking you



to stay somewhere where you are protected from bad weather



to stay in a place where you are protected from danger

stand/hold your ground

to not move when someone attacks you or is going to attack you

ward off

to do something to prevent someone or something from harming you



to manipulate someone psychologically so that they begin to question their own perceptions and memories

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