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To copy someone or something - thesaurus




to copy something



to do something in the same way as someone else



to behave or work in the same way as something else



to do the same thing that someone else has done

follow in someone’s footsteps

to do the same work or achieve the same success as someone else before you

do likewise

do the same

follow the crowd/go with the crowd

to do or think the same as the majority of people

take a leaf out of/from someone’s book

to copy what someone else does because they are successful at doing it

take your cue from someone

to behave in the same way as someone else, because you think that is the right thing to do



to copy someone’s actions, words, or behaviour, often in order to make people laugh

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to take someone else’s ideas or methods and use them



formal to try to be like someone or something else, usually because you admire them

follow the crowd/herd

to do something because most other people are doing it

follow the herd

to do what most other people do. This phrase shows that you do not respect people who do this.

if you can’t beat ’em join ’em

used for saying that you are going to start doing the same as other people because you have tried to do something different and it has failed

in good company

doing the same thing someone else has done, especially someone who is important or respected. This expression is used especially for telling someone not to worry about something bad they have done

like lemmings

if a group of people do something like lemmings, they all do the same thing as someone else even though it may be stupid, harmful, or dangerous

model yourself on someone

to copy a way of doing something or a system

model yourself on someone

to copy the way that someone behaves because you admire them

say/admit/think/guess as much

to say or think the same thing that has just been stated



informal someone who does the same as everyone else without thinking about it

style after

to copy someone or something’s style



to manipulate someone psychologically so that they begin to question their own perceptions and memories

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