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To come to an end - thesaurus


come to an end

to finish



if time or a period of time passes, it happens and comes to an end

run out

if something runs out, you do not have any more of it left

dry up

to stop being available



if an agreement, offer, or official document expires, the period of time during which it exists or can be used comes to an end

give out

if a supply of something has given out, all of it has been used

run out

if time is running out, you do not have long to do something



if something such as a discussion, activity, or event closes, or if you close it, it ends



formal if something terminates, or if you terminate it, it ends or you stop it

draw to a close/an end

to end

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More synonyms

break up

if a meeting or other event breaks up, or if you break it up, it ends and people leave



if something such as an offer closes, it stops being available

come to a full stop

British to end, especially suddenly or unexpectedly



formal to end, especially by someone saying or doing something

the curtain falls on something

if the curtain falls on something, it ends



formallegal to state officially that a part of a law no longer has legal authority and has ended

fall apart

if something such as an organization, agreement, or relationship falls apart, it no longer continues

get/be given the chop

to be stopped or ended, usually because of a lack of success



if an official document, decision, or right lapses, it is no longer effective



to come to an end

run dry

if a supply of something such as money runs dry, there is no more of it left

run out

if a pen runs out, it has no more ink left in it

run out

if an official agreement or document runs out, it stops being legal at a certain date

run/take its course

to develop in the usual way and reach a natural end



to manipulate someone psychologically so that they begin to question their own perceptions and memories

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