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To choose someone or something - thesaurus




to select items from among a large number of possibilities for other people to consume and enjoy; applied to many areas including music, design, fashion, and especially digital media



to decide which you want from a number of people or things



to choose someone or something from a group

decide on

to choose someone or something from a number of possible choices



to choose someone or something from a group



to choose something or someone to win a prize or an honour



to make a choice or decision from a range of possibilities



to formally choose someone or something for a particular purpose



to choose people or things for a test or experiment in a random way

pick and choose (something)

to have the chance to choose the things that you prefer, rather than simply accepting what someone gives you

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to choose only the best things or people out of a group

cream off

to take the best people or things from a larger group in order to form a smaller special group



to choose a person or thing from a group

draw lots

to make a decision by choosing one of several pieces of paper with different choices written on them

fix on

to choose someone or something after considering the situation

flip/toss a coin

to throw a coin in the air to decide between two choices, depending on which side of the coin is on top when it lands

go for

informal to choose a particular thing

go in for

British to choose something as a subject of study or as your career

go with

to choose or accept something

pick out

to choose one thing or person from a group

plump for

to suddenly choose someone or something after being unable to decide what to do

put together

to choose people or things to form a team or group


a British spelling of randomize

settle on

to make a decision between two or more people or things after not being certain which to choose

shop around

to consider several possibilities before making a choice about something that you want

take pot luck

to choose something when you do not know what you will get and can only hope that it will be good

take your pick

to choose someone or something

winnow out

to separate the useful or important people or things from the rest of a group



to manipulate someone psychologically so that they begin to question their own perceptions and memories

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