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To cause someone to remember - thesaurus




to tell someone again about an event from the past or about a fact that they used to know

come to

if something comes to you, you think of it or remember it

bring back

to cause ideas, feelings, or memories to be in your mind again



to make you feel or experience something that you have felt or experienced in the past



to cause someone to have a particular feeling or memory



to make you remember something or begin to experience a particular feeling

flood back

if memories or feelings flood back, you suddenly remember them very clearly

jog someone’s memory

to make someone remember something

refresh someone’s memory

to make someone remember something

bring/call /someone/something to mind

to remind you of someone or something

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bring someone back down to earth (with a bump)

to make someone suddenly remember the real situation or things that they have to do, after they have been so happy or excited that they forgot

call up

to make you remember something

come back

to start to be remembered again

conjure up

to bring something such as a feeling or memory to your mind



if things such as thoughts or memories crowd your mind, your mind becomes full of them

drag up

to start talking about something when it is not necessary, usually something unpleasant that happened in the past and that other people want to forget



formal something such as words, pictures, or music that creates a clear image of something



formal to bring a particular emotion, idea, or memory into your mind

go down

to be remembered or recorded in a particular place or way

go down in history

to be remembered by many people for having done something

put someone in mind of

to remind someone of someone or something



formal to make someone have a particular feeling again or remember something they have not thought about for a long time



to help someone to remember something that they have to do

remind of

to make someone remember something that happened in the past

reopen old wounds

to make someone think again about a disagreement or bad experience that they had forgotten

ring a bell

something that rings a bell sounds familiar to you, although you cannot remember the exact details

rub it in

used to remind someone of something stupid or bad that they did

rub someone’s nose in something

to keep reminding someone about something unpleasant that they do not want to think about



to make someone feel, think of, or remember something

stick with

if something sticks with you, you continue to remember it clearly



formal to remind you of something

take back

to remind someone of something in the past



spoken used for telling or helping someone to remember someone or something



a lifestyle focussing on simple pleasures such as comfort and cosiness in the home, and spending time with friends and family

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a form of location that involves the underwater detonation of a bomb which causes sound waves that are picked up by ships

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