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To be, or to become happy or happier - thesaurus


rejoice in

mainly literary to be very happy about something



to start looking or feeling happier



to feel happy, for example because you are doing something that you enjoy

look forward to

to feel happy and excited about something that is going to happen

thrive on

to become successful or happy in a particular situation, especially one that other people would not enjoy



mainly literary to feel very happy about something, or to celebrate something in a happy way



if you are cheered by something such as a piece of news, it makes you happier or less worried

be happy for someone

to be pleased because something good has happened to someone else

live happily ever after

to be happy for the rest of your life

jump for joy

to be very pleased about something

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to be excited about something enjoyable that is going to happen soon

be a box of birds

to be happy or in good health

be all smiles

to seem very happy or friendly

be in good heart

to be feeling happy and hopeful

be in seventh heaven

to feel extremely happy

be in your element

to feel very happy and comfortable in a situation



to feel happy and comfortable in a particular place or with a particular group of people

be over the moon (about something)

to be very happy about something

bounce back

to become healthy, happy, or successful again after something bad has happened to you

bubble with

to be full of a happy or excited feeling

buck up

informal to try to make someone happier, or to become happier

find your feet

to start to feel confident and able to deal with something



to become very enthusiastic or happy

get/become established

to start feeling happy, confident, and successful in a new job or place

get over

to start to feel happy or well again after something bad has happened to you

get over

to start to forget someone and feel happy again after a relationship has ended



if your eyes gleam, you look excited or happy



to show strong and happy emotion, especially in your face

go mad

to become extremely excited and happy



if an emotional problem heals, or if something heals it, you become happy again

jump for joy

to jump into the air because you are very happy

laugh up your sleeve

to be secretly happy, especially because someone who you do not want to succeed has failed or made a mistake



if a bad mood or bad feeling lifts, you start to feel happier



if a weight or burden lifts or is lifted from you, you stop worrying about something and feel happier



informal if something gives you a lift, or if you get a lift from it, it makes you feel happier

move on

to start to continue with your life after you have dealt successfully with a bad experience

perk up

if someone perks up, or if something perks them up, they begin to feel happier or more lively



if your spirits or hopes soar, you suddenly feel very happy and hopeful

take courage from something

to feel more confident and hopeful because of something

take heart (from something)

to feel happier or less worried because of something



to become very successful, happy, or healthy

turn the/a corner

to begin to be healthy, happy, or successful again after a difficult period



to manipulate someone psychologically so that they begin to question their own perceptions and memories

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