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To be, or to become calm and stop worrying - thesaurus




informal to relax and stop being angry or nervous

calm down

to begin to feel more relaxed and less emotional, or to make someone do this



to rest and allow yourself to become calm

wind down

to relax after a period of excitement or worry



to become calm after being upset, nervous, or excited, or to make someone do this

cool down

informal to become, or to cause someone to become, less angry or excited

loosen up

informal to relax, or to become less serious



informal to relax and stop being angry or nervous, or to spend time relaxing

compose yourself

to make yourself calm after being very angry, upset, or nervous

be/feel/look at home

to be/feel/look relaxed and comfortable in a particular place or situation

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More synonyms

be/feel easy (in your mind)

to feel confident and not worried

breathe a sigh of relief

to stop worrying because something bad is no longer likely to happen

breathe (easily/freely) again

to relax because you are no longer in a difficult or dangerous situation

come out of yourself

to stop being shy and become more confident and relaxed with other people

cool off

to become calm again

cross that bridge when you come to it

to deal with something when it happens, and not worry about it before

draw comfort

if you draw comfort from something good in a bad situation, it makes you feel less sad or worried

empty your mind

to try to think about nothing, as a way of staying calm



to stop thinking, worrying, or caring about something or someone

gather yourself (together)

to calm yourself, usually so that you can do something you must do

get on with your life

to stop thinking or worrying about something bad that happened in the past and start living a normal life again

get something off your chest

to talk to someone about something that has been worrying you, so that you feel better about it

get yourself together

to become calm and in control of your emotions

keep your cool

to remain calm in a difficult situation

keep your temper (with)

to stay calm and not get angry

laugh at

to behave in a way that shows you are not worried or frightened by something



if a situation or someone’s mood lightens, or if someone or something lightens it, it becomes more relaxed

mellow out

to become more relaxed and calm, or to make someone more relaxed and calm

not flinch

if someone does not flinch, they remain calm despite danger or shock

not have a care in the world

to not be worried about anything

not lose sleep over

to not let something worry or upset you

pull yourself together

to control your emotions and behave calmly after being very upset, angry, shocked etc

put something out of your head

to stop thinking or worrying about something



to make yourself or someone else comfortable and relaxed in a particular place or position



if your nerves or stomach settle or are settled, they become calm again after you have felt upset, nervous, or excited

shrug off

to show that something does not worry or upset you

simmer down

to become calm after being excited or angry

snap out of it

to make an effort to stop being unhappy or upset

steady your nerves

to stop yourself from feeling nervous



literary to become calm and quiet, or to make someone or something calm and quiet

take something as it comes

to not worry about something before it happens and deal with it calmly when it does happen

take something in your stride

to not be upset or troubled by something

take the long view (of something)

to think about the effects that something will have in the future rather than worrying about the present situation



to become more relaxed and less strict or serious




a lifestyle focussing on simple pleasures such as comfort and cosiness in the home, and spending time with friends and family

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