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To arrive in a place, or to enter a place - thesaurus




to reach a place after having been sent or ordered from somewhere else



to go or come into a place



to arrive somewhere

get in

to arrive at home or at work

come in

to arrive somewhere



to arrive at a place



to arrive at a place by plane or boat



to arrive somewhere

draw in

to arrive in a place

put in/make an appearance

to go somewhere for a short time, especially because you feel you have an obligation to go there

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formal to get to and enter a place



to reach a place, after having been somewhere else

barge in

to enter a room suddenly and noisily, usually interrupting someone in a rude way

blow in

informal to arrive unexpectedly

breach security

formal to get into a place that is usually guarded, or to discover information that should be kept secret



if something such as a letter or message comes, you receive it

come along

to arrive, or to become available

come along

to go somewhere so that you can be with someone who went there earlier

come and go

to arrive at a place and then leave it

come for

to come to a place so that you can take someone or something away with you

come in

to enter a room, building, or other place

come in peace

to arrive somewhere with friendly intentions

come over

to travel to a place, especially a long way across water in order to live in a new country

come through

if a document that you are expecting comes through, it is sent to you



to move to a particular place at the same time as a lot of other people

descend on

if people descend on a person or a place, a lot of them arrive, often unexpectedly

draw up

if a vehicle draws up, it arrives at a place and stops

fetch up

to arrive at a place by accident or without intending to go there



if people or things flood somewhere, they go there or arrive there in large numbers

front up

to arrive or appear somewhere



mainly literary to arrive at a place, especially one that is difficult to reach

get in

if a train, plane etc gets in, it arrives

get into

if a train, plane etc gets into a place, it arrives there

get into

to arrive at work or school

go in

if people such as police officers or soldiers go in, they enter a place in order to take some sort of action

happen along

to come to a particular place without planning to



informal to reach a place, especially on your way to somewhere else



to enter a place where you are not allowed to go



to enter a place, especially in large numbers or in a way that causes problems



to arrive somewhere, especially unexpectedly or in a way that causes problems

land up

to finally arrive at a place or situation after a series of events



to reach a particular place, especially so that there is time to do something

make an entrance

to enter a room or building in a formal way or in a way that makes people notice you

make it

to manage to arrive on time

pile in

to enter a place in large numbers, especially in a way that is not organized

pile into

to get into a place or something such as a car, especially in large numbers or in a way that is not organized

pitch up

to arrive, especially late or in an unusual way



to arrive or go somewhere quickly in a large group on in large amounts

present yourself

if you present yourself somewhere, you go there, especially for an official purpose

pull in

if a train pulls in, it arrives at a station



if something reaches someone, they receive it after it has been sent to them



to return to a group of people who you were with before



to tell someone that you are present or ready to start working

report in

to go somewhere or to talk to someone by telephone in order to let them know that you are ready to start working or that you are in a particular place

rock up

to arrive somewhere, especially unexpectedly

roll/flood/pour in

used for saying that large numbers of people or things, or large amounts of something, arrive somewhere

roll in

to arrive in large numbers or amounts

roll in

to arrive in a relaxed way despite being late

roll up

informal to arrive somewhere late or at a time when you were not expected



informal to arrive in a place where people are expecting you

show your face

to go somewhere where other people will see you, especially when they might not want you to be there



to enter somewhere, or to surround someone, in very large numbers



if people or things trickle in or out, a few of them arrive or leave

turn out

to go somewhere in order to be present at an event or take part in an activity

turn up

to come somewhere, especially unexpectedly or without making a firm arrangement

turn up like a bad penny

if someone who you do not like turns up like a bad penny, they always seem to appear in situations where you do not want them



to enter an area or place without permission

wash up

informal if someone washes up somewhere, they arrive there unexpectedly after a long time

worm your way into/out of something

to reach a particular place or situation gradually, often using clever methods



a lifestyle focussing on simple pleasures such as comfort and cosiness in the home, and spending time with friends and family

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