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Areas of specific countries - synonyms or related words


Australian Capital Territory: the area in eastern Australia where the capital city, Canberra, is



Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty: in the UK, an area of countryside that is protected by law from being built on or spoiled



one of the areas in South Africa where black people lived during the apartheid system

the Bible Belt

an area in the Southern and Midwestern US which is known for being a place where many people have strong and strict Christian beliefs

the Black Country

an area in the Midlands, in the central part of the UK, where in the past there were many factories that produced a lot of smoke



one of the political regions into which Switzerland and some other countries are divided



the smallest unit of local government in France, Belgium, and some other European countries

the Corn Belt

a large area in the central part of the northern US where a lot of maize is grown



an area of the Spanish coast such as the Costa del Sol or the Costa Brava

the Cotton Belt

the main cotton-growing region of the US, in the southeast of the country



District of Columbia

the Deep South

the states of Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina in the southern part of the US



one of the areas that France and some other countries are divided into



American the eastern part of the US, especially the states east of the Mississippi and north of Washington, D.C.

the East Coast

the eastern part of the US, along the Atlantic Ocean

the Florida Keys

a group of small islands off the southern coast of Florida, US, that are very popular with tourists. The Florida Keys are often simply called the Keys.



the western edge of the US that Europeans had reached in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries

the (Scottish) Highlands


the northern part of Scotland that consists of hills and mountains



one of the areas in South Africa where black people were made to live during the apartheid system

Land’s End

a small area of land on the coast of Cornwall, in south-west England, that is the furthest place south that you can travel to in the UK. The other end of the country is considered to be John o’Groats in Scotland.



the area on each side of a border between two regions or countries, especially between England and Wales

the Mason-Dixon Line

the border between the two states of Maryland and Pennsylvania in the US that traditionally divides the north of the US from the south. In the past, this was the border between those southern states that supported slavery and the northern ones that did not.


the area around Liverpool and the river Mersey in north-west England

the mid-Atlantic states

the US states of New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and sometimes Delaware and Maryland

Middle America


the Midwest

the Midlands

the central part of England

the Midwest

the states in the central region of the US

New England

the group of states in the northeastern part of the US where the first English people arrived in the 17th century



New South Wales: a state in south east Australia



Northern Territory: a region in north-central Australia






South African country areas in South Africa that are far from big cities



an area of land in the US where Native Americans live in a separate community

the Rust Belt

a region in the midwest of the US with a lot of old factories that have closed because they could not make a profit



South Australia

school district


an area within a US state in which all the schools are managed by the same group of people



a county in the UK. This word is used in the names of some UK counties

the Sunbelt

the southern parts of the US from Florida to California that stay warm for most of the year and are often sunny

the Top End

Australianinformal the northern part of the Northern Territory in Australia


the area around Newcastle and the river Tyne in north-east England

Union Territory


an area in India that is ruled directly by the central government



Western Australia: a state in western Australia

the West Coast

the western coast of the US, along the Pacific Ocean

the West Country

the south-western part of England

the white cliffs of Dover

the tall white cliffs along the coast of southern England near Dover. They are often the first thing that people see when they arrive in England by boat from continental Europe.

the Wild West

the western part of the US during the period of time when towns and cities developed. There was a lot of violence, especially between the new people arriving and the Native Americans who lived there already.

north of Watford

parts of England that are north of London, used especially when talking about people who live in the south and never go north



a rainbow produced when water droplets in the air reflect light from the moon rather than the sun

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