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Ways of saying that something has little or no value

no...to speak of

used for saying that something is so unimportant or so small that it is not worth mentioning

so much for something

used for showing that you think a particular idea, statement, or activity has no value

not worth the paper it is written/printed on

used for saying that a written agreement is not worth having because the person who signed it is not likely to do what they said they would do

whatever turns you on

used for saying that something that interests someone else does not interest you

the game is/it is not worth the candle

something is not worth doing because it is too much trouble or effort, or costs too much

not worth a damn

used for saying that something has no value or use

something is not worth the paper it is printed on

used for saying that something printed, especially a contract, is not reliable and has no value

for what it’s worth

used when you are telling someone something and you are not sure how useful it is. This is sometimes shown in emails as FWIW

food rave

a very large party where people eat, sell or share many different types of food, usually held outside or in a large public building

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dead white (European) male

a man … whose achievements may have been overestimated because he belonged to the gender and ethnic group … that was dominant at the time

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