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US government departments and organizations



a department of the US government

the Bureau


the fbi in the US

the Capitol

the building in the main city of each US state where government officials meet to make state laws

the CIA

the Central Intelligence Agency: a US government organization that collects secret political, military, and other information about other countries and protects secret information about the US

the FAA

the Federal Aviation Administration: the US government organization that is responsible for the safety of planes and airports

the FBI

the Federal Bureau of Investigation: a US government department that deals with serious crimes that affect more than one state

the FDA

the Food and Drug Administration: a US government department that controls the food and drugs that are allowed to be sold

the Federal Bureau of Investigation

the fbi



the Federal Emergency Management Agency: the US government department responsible for planning for and dealing with emergency situations

Homeland Security


the US government department responsible for protecting the US from attacks by terrorists, or the work of this department

the House of Representatives

the larger and less powerful part of the US congress (=the organization that makes laws in the US)

the Internal Revenue Service

the irs

the IRS

the Internal Revenue Service: the US government department that collects taxes

the legislature


the part of government that makes and changes laws. The other parts of government are the executive and the judiciary.


the National Aeronautics and Space Administration: a government organization in the US responsible for space research

the National Security Council

the government department in the US that advises the president on issues relating to national security

the Pentagon

the department of the US government that controls the armed forces, or the building that belongs to this department

the Postal Service

the government department in the US that delivers the post

the Secret Service


the US government department responsible for protecting the president



the more senior part of a law-making institution that has two parts

the Senate


the more senior part of the US Congress



relating to the work of a senator

the State Department

in the US, the government department that manages the country’s relations with other countries. The secretary of state is the head of this department.

food rave

a very large party where people eat, sell or share many different types of food, usually held outside or in a large public building

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