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To move your head



to lower your head or head and body quickly, in order to move under something or to avoid being hit



to move part of your body downwards, especially your head



to move your head or eyes upwards so that you can look at something



to move your hand or head in a particular direction, for example to point somewhere or to get someone’s attention



to move your head first downwards and then upwards, to answer ‘Yes’ to a question or to show that you agree, approve, or understand



to move your head once in a particular direction, for example to make someone look at something or to give someone a signal to do something



to move your head downwards and upwards as a way of saying hello, goodbye, thank you etc



to move your head slightly upwards, downwards, or to one side

toss your head/hair back

to move your head upwards and backwards with a sudden strong movement, for example when you start to laugh



the act of moving your head quickly upwards, especially when you are angry or do not care about something

avert your eyes/gaze/head etc

to turn your eyes or face away from something that you do not want to see

bob your head

to move your head down and then back up again in a short quick movement as a way of greeting someone or showing agreement or respect

bury your face/head in something

to cover or hide your face with something, for example to avoid looking at someone

hide your face

to move your head so that people cannot see your face, for example because you are upset

look the other way

to turn your head so that you are not looking at someone or something

toss your head/hair

to move your head quickly upwards, especially when you are angry or do not care about something

turn aside

to turn your head or body away from someone or something so that you are no longer looking at them

food rave

a very large party where people eat, sell or share many different types of food, usually held outside or in a large public building

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dead white (European) male

a man … whose achievements may have been overestimated because he belonged to the gender and ethnic group … that was dominant at the time

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