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To be communicated

come across

if someone or something comes across in a particular way, you have a particular opinion of them when you meet them or see them

come across

if something such as a feeling or idea comes across when you speak, you make it very clear to people

come at

if things such as questions or pieces of information come at you, they are directed at you in order to influence or affect you

come in

if something such as a message comes in, it is received by someone

come out

to be spoken, heard, or understood in a particular way

come through

if something such as a signal or a message comes through, you receive it



if you are confronted with information, it is given to you and you must say whether it is true



if words or looks pass between people, they speak to each other or look at each other in a particular way



if something such as a programme or message reaches people, they see it or hear it

something expresses itself

if an idea or feeling expresses itself in a particular way, it is shown in that way

food rave

a very large party where people eat, sell or share many different types of food, usually held outside or in a large public building

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old and no longer in good condition

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dead white (European) male

a man … whose achievements may have been overestimated because he belonged to the gender and ethnic group … that was dominant at the time

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