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To help someone - thesaurus




to give someone support or information so that they can do something more easily



to help someone or something



to help someone and be kind to them when they are having a difficult time

help out

to help someone, especially by doing a particular job or by giving them money



to do something good or helpful for someone

get behind

to support an idea, project, etc., or help someone in what they are trying to do

get through

to help someone to deal with a difficult situation or to stay alive until it is over



to help someone or something to improve or become more successful



to help someone or give them an advantage



to help someone to make decisions or judgments about something

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formal to help or encourage someone to do something immoral or illegal



formal to make it easier for someone to do something

aid and abet

formal to help someone to commit a crime



if you ally yourself with someone, you work together to help each other



to help someone more skilled to do their job, for example by doing the easier parts of the work

bail out

to help a person or organization that is having problems, especially financial problems

be at someone’s service

to be available to help someone with whatever they need

bend over backward (to do something)

to do everything you can to help

be of service to someone

to help or be useful to someone

be the making of

to make someone or something succeed or improve very much

be there (for someone)

to be ready to help someone or to make them feel better

buddy up

to form an arrangement with someone in which you help each other



to do some of the work that someone else should be doing so that they can continue to do their job

carry through

to make it possible for someone to deal successfully with a difficult or unpleasant situation



to be a part of a group or an activity and help it to be successful

do someone’s dirty work

to do an unpleasant or dishonest job for someone so that they do not have to do it themselves

do your bit

to do what you can to help, or to do your part of what has to be done

get off

to help someone to be ready to leave a place at the right time

get someone started

to help or cause someone to begin doing something new

give of

if you give of yourself or your time, you do helpful things for people

give someone a break

to do something that helps someone

go to bat for someone

to give someone your support and help



to support someone when they move from one position to another or when they do some other action

hold the fort (for someone)

to take care of or do something for someone while they are busy doing something else

join hands

to work together with another organization, country, etc. in order to help and support each other



to give someone support or help

make yourself useful

to do something to help

minister to

to help or take care of people, especially those who are sick



to help someone or something to develop



to help someone by doing something that they have asked you to do

pass on

to arrange for a customer to speak to someone else who can give them the information or service that they have asked you for, because you cannot provide it for them



to give someone advice or instructions that help them to do something

pull strings

to use your influence in order to get something that you want or to help someone, especially when this is unfair

pull through

to succeed in a very difficult situation, or to help someone to do this

push/put someone over the top

to make someone successful in a competition or activity

put yourself out (for someone)

to do something to help someone even if it causes problems or difficulties for you

rally around

to work with other people in order to help someone in a difficult situation

reach out to

to offer help to someone



formal to provide a service, or to give help to someone or something

run interference

to help someone to avoid problems and achieve something

save someone’s life

informal to do something that helps someone a lot

see through

to make it possible for someone to continue to the end of something, especially something unpleasant or difficult

see what you can do

to try to help



to help to achieve something

sing for your supper

to do something to help someone else in order to receive something from them, for example a meal



to provide someone with so many ideas or opinions that they do not need to think for themselves

stand/put/hold someone in good stead

to be useful or helpful to someone

step into the breach

to help someone, or to do someone’s job for them when they are unable to do it

straighten out

to help someone with problems improve their inappropriate behavior



literary to help someone

tide over

to help someone to get to the end of a difficult period of time, especially by giving them money until they can get some more



to manipulate someone psychologically so that they begin to question their own perceptions and memories

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