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To be responsible for something - thesaurus


answer for

to agree to be responsible for something



to recognize that you are responsible for something



if you carry responsibility or blame for something, you accept it

accept/face the consequences

to accept responsibility for your actions, whatever happens

be meant to do something

to have a particular responsibility or duty

speak for

to represent the feelings or opinions of another person or group of people

bear the responsibility

to be responsible for something

take charge (of)

to take control and become responsible for someone or something

take the lead

to accept responsibility for dealing with a situation

take on

to accept some work or responsibility

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be/feel obligated to do something

if you are obligated to do something, you must do it because it is your duty or it is morally right

be responsible to someone

if you are responsible to someone, they are in a position of authority over you and can ask you to prove that your actions or decisions are correct and reasonable

carry the ball

to be responsible for getting something done

carry the can

to be the person considered responsible for something



to be responsible for doing a particular job or piece of work



to be responsible for doing a particular job or the work of an official position

have a duty/responsibility/obligation etc. (to do something)

if you have a duty, responsibility, etc., you should or must do something

have a lot to answer for

to be responsible for a lot of bad things that have happened

honor bound

if you feel honor bound to do something, you think that you must do it because it is morally right



to have responsibility for a situation that someone has started and left for you to deal with

owe your allegiance/loyalty/obedience to

to have an obligation to be loyal to someone or something, or a duty to obey them

pay the penalty/price for something

to have to deal with the bad effects of something that you have done

pick up the ball and run with it

to take responsibility for getting something done, especially after someone else has tried and failed

relieve of

formal to take a responsibility or obligation from someone so that they do not have to do it

step up to the plate

to take responsibility for doing something, even though it is difficult



to manipulate someone psychologically so that they begin to question their own perceptions and memories

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