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To be ready, or to get ready for something - thesaurus


stand by

to be ready to do something



to get ready for something unpleasant

steel yourself

to prepare yourself for something unpleasant

be/go on red alert

to be/get ready to deal with something very dangerous

batten down

to get ready or to make something ready for a difficult or dangerous situation

be ripe for something

to be ready for something, especially a change

be in business

informal to be ready to do something, because all the necessary preparations have been made

be looking to do something

planning to do something

have something up your sleeve

to have a secret plan that you can surprise someone with

screw up the courage/nerve to do something

to prepare mentally for doing something difficult

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More synonyms

all systems go

used for saying that everything is ready for an event or an activity to begin

be fixing to do something

to be ready or planning to do something

be good to go

to be ready to do something

come to do something

to finally reach a state in which something happens or you do something

have a card up your sleeve

to have a secret advantage that you can use later

have a good mind to do something/have half a mind to do something

used for threatening to do something, when you probably will not do it

have a trick up your sleeve

to have a plan that you can use if you need to

pluck up (the) courage (to do something)

to persuade yourself to do something that frightens you

waiting in the wings/waiting (for) your chance

to be prepared for an opportunity to do something that you have wanted to do for a long time



to manipulate someone psychologically so that they begin to question their own perceptions and memories

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