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To be, or to become obvious or noticeable - thesaurus


stand out

to be easy to see or notice because of being different

jump out at

if something jumps out at you, you notice it immediately

leap out at

to be immediately obvious to someone, or to immediately get their attention

stick out

to be easy to notice or remember because of being unusual or different

stare someone in the face

if something is staring you in the face, it should be obvious to you

stand out in a crowd

to be very different and easy to notice



if an object dominates a place, it is so big or high that it is easy to notice

get noticed

to get attention from other people

leap off the page

to be immediately obvious, or to immediately get your attention

shine through

if a good feeling or quality shines through, it is very noticeable

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attract (someone’s) attention

to make someone notice someone or something

be on parade

to be shown publicly



if a smell or sound carries, it can be smelled or heard over a distance

catch someone’s eye

if something catches your eye, you suddenly notice it

come to someone’s notice (that)

to find out about something



to make someone notice something



if sound, smell, or light fills a place, it is very strong or noticeable



if a sound or smell floats somewhere, it moves through the air so that it can be heard or smelled in different places

go without saying (that)

to be completely obvious or true



if you are greeted by a sight, sound, or smell, it is the first thing that you notice



if something such as smoke or a smell hangs in the air, it remains there

jump off the page

if words or pictures jump off the page, they are the first thing that you notice

manifest itself

formal to become easy to notice



formal to be noticeable, or to attract attention to something, in a way that is not pleasant or welcome



if a sound, taste, smell, or feeling is overlaid with another one, enough of the other one is added to be noticeable



if one smell or taste overpowers another, it is much stronger than the other and spoils it



formal to spread through the whole of something and become a very obvious feature of it

stand/stick out a mile

to be very easy to see or recognize

stick/stand out like a sore thumb

to be very noticeable because of being different

strike the/your eye

to be noticed



to manipulate someone psychologically so that they begin to question their own perceptions and memories

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