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Expressions used when repeating your own or someone else's words - thesaurus


I hear/I’ve heard

used for saying what someone has told you, rather than what you know is true

(the) word is that

used for telling someone what other people have said about something

rumor/word/legend has it that

used for showing that you are reporting something that you have heard when you are not sure whether it is really true

by the sound of it/things

used for saying that you are basing your ideas, opinions, etc. on what you have heard or read

someone tells me (that)

used for reporting what someone has said to you

I have it on good authority (that)

used for saying that your information comes from someone you trust


if someone saysquote” before a word or phrase, they are showing that they are repeating someone’s words exactly, and they often sayunquote” at the end

to coin a phrase

used when you realize that something you have said is a very well-known phrase or expression

from what I hear/from what I’ve heard

used for giving information based on what people have told you rather than on what you know is true

like I say/said

used when you are saying something again that you have already said

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as someone puts it

used for giving the exact words that someone uses

be all...

used for telling someone what other people have said, especially when it was said in an unusual or emotional way



used for reporting the last thing that someone says



used for talking about the things that people say

I hear/I’ve heard

used for introducing a subject that you want to discuss with someone that someone else has told you about



spoken used for expressing the same thing that someone has just said to you

someone’s ears are burning

if you say that someone’s ears are burning, you mean that other people are talking about them

tongues wag

if tongues wag, people say unkind things about someone

where there’s smoke, there’s fire

used for saying that if something bad is being said about someone, or if something seems bad, then there is probably a good reason for it



a lifestyle focussing on simple pleasures such as comfort and cosiness in the home, and spending time with friends and family

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a form of location that involves the underwater detonation of a bomb which causes sound waves that are picked up by ships

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