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palm shaped
This palmate leaf is shaped like a hand.
Submitted by: Rose from Australia on 30/06/2016


a language spoken in Pakistan and Aghanistan
Submitted by: usman from Pakistan on 29/06/2016


someone who regrets the vote to leave the EU
Let’s say the regrexiteers were numerous enough to be decisive, and the decision was reversed by the same margin, give or take. Those 48% of people would be exactly as angry as we are now, and have no recourse to anything unless we carry on this torture forever.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 29/06/2016


be reversed; be as if it had never happened
We need to change the terms of the debate, rather than just try to make it unhappen.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 29/06/2016


used after a word or phrase to show you are impatient
Hillary Clinton: pick Elizabeth Warren as your running mate already!
Submitted from United Kingdom on 29/06/2016

goji berry

a bright red berry grown in China, believed to be good for you because it contains high levels of certain vitamins
Submitted on 29/06/2016


a type of Chinese dumpling usually filled with meat and eaten in broth
Submitted from United Kingdom on 29/06/2016

stinky tofu

a type of fermented tofu that has a strong smell
Submitted from United Kingdom on 29/06/2016


a Japanese dish of steamed, fermented soybeans, with a sticky texture and a strong flavour
Fermented soya beans are found in natto, tempeh and pickled tofu.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 29/06/2016


a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the internet
An artificial-intelligence lawyer chatbot has successfully contested 160,000 parking tickets across London and New York for free.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 28/06/2016


the phase of the heartbeat when the heart contracts and pumps blood from the chambers into the arteries
Submitted from Pakistan on 28/06/2016


The speech contained a lot of flapdoodle about national defense.
Submitted by: Eileen from United States on 28/06/2016


pleasant to hear
seasonal favorites in a euphonious four-part harmony
Submitted from United Kingdom on 27/06/2016


the quality of having a pleasing sound
I aim for clarity, euphony, a smart rhythm and a bit of wit.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 27/06/2016

the same goes for somebody/something

what has been said is also true for or relates to another person or thing
If boosting driver awareness of fuel efficiency can save money and benefit the environment, surely the same goes for pilots and planes?
Submitted by: Boris Marchenko from Russian Federation on 27/06/2016

buyer's remorse

a feeling of regret or guilt after you have bought something expensive, e.g. a car or a house
We’ve all experienced buyer’s remorse in the past. It’s not a fun feeling and you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to prevent post-purchase regret in your own customers.
a feeling of regret after a big decision with serious consequences has been made
Britons who voted to leave the European Union this week may be experiencing a bit of buyer’s remorse in the wake of the meltdown Friday on global stock exchanges and calls by the founding members of the EU not to let the door hit the island nation on its way out.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 27/06/2016

Andalusian horse

a breed of horse from the Iberian peninsula
Andalusian horses are strong.
Submitted by: vivek from India on 27/06/2016


regret that follows voting for leaving the European Union in the 23 June 2016 referendum in the UK; a blend of the words 'Britain' or 'Brexit' and 'regret'
Anger over 'Bregret' as Leave voters say they thought UK would stay in EU.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 27/06/2016


in Systemic Functional Linguistics, a staged, goal-oriented, purposeful activity that people engage in as speakers of a language
The genre of this text is an expository essay about the virtue of cats.
Submitted by: Enzo Andragñez from Argentina on 27/06/2016


talk to you later
I am busy right now. Ttyl.
Submitted by: Saudi Sadiq from United Kingdom on 26/06/2016
Macmillan learn live love play