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a condition in which a baby is born with a very small head, and often incomplete brain development
About 3,500 cases of microcephaly have been identified in Brazil so far.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 25/01/2016


a crocodile-like reptile that inhabits South and Central America
Caimans feed mostly on fish.
Submitted by: MARCELO JOSE BACCARIN COSTA from Brazil on 24/01/2016


a harmless large-sized rodent that inhabits mostly South America and lives near bodies of water
Capyparas are one of the main vectors of the Rocky Mountain spotted fever.
Submitted by: MARCELO JOSE BACCARIN COSTA from Brazil on 24/01/2016


not good for one's heath (often harmful to physical, mental or moral well-being)
In most southern European regions, August has been noted as the most unwholesome month of the year.
Submitted by: GeorgiaP. from Greece on 24/01/2016


asymmetric; not superimposable on its mirror image
Our hand is chiral.
Submitted by: Onkooz from India on 24/01/2016


to speak playfully or teasingly
I think you misunderstood me, I was just bantering...
Submitted on 23/01/2016


used about food or drink that does not contain sugar and usually ​contains an ​artificial ​sweetener ​instead
Submitted by: Caleb Judy from United States on 23/01/2016


to ​completely ​change from one ​opinion or ​plan of ​action to an ​opposite one
The school principal said that kids failing to bring along either packed lunches or lunch money would be given only a drink and bread and butter. However, he had to U-turn later on.
Submitted by: Boris Marchenko from Russian Federation on 23/01/2016

Zika virus

(also Zika)
a virus spread by mosquitoes that is generally not serious but may sometimes cause birth defects
Called Zika, public health officials in the US believe it could be an emerging health threat.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 22/01/2016


the condition of being critical
Information available to date shows that radiation levels monitored at the boundary of the site rose to over one thousand times normal background during the period of criticality, but returned to or near background levels the following day.
The criticality of petrochemical processes justifies the machinery monitoring to prevent unexpected failures with undesirable consequences.
Submitted by: Rafael Piotto from Brazil on 21/01/2016


the apparent bending of a beam of light when it enters a medium where its speed is different
Submitted on 21/01/2016


aesthetically pleasing; attractive and artistic
That second picture is more aesthetical.
Submitted by: Camila from United States on 21/01/2016


an abbreviation used in textspeak meaning 'I don't even know'
- Why did Jack fall out with Moranda? - IDEK
Submitted by: Boris Marchenko from Russian Federation on 20/01/2016


literally eating one's own self; a natural mechanism whereby unncecessary or dysfunctional cellular components are disassembled
According to an experiment in US, taking large amounts of cocaine sparks an out-of-control version of autophagy, which causes cells to digest their insides.
Submitted by: Vishal Jagasia from India on 20/01/2016

on/under no condition

used to emphasize that something must never happen or is not allowed
Under no condition are you ​to approach the man.
On no condition are you to open that door.
Submitted by: Caleb Judy from United States on 20/01/2016


surgery performed on the nervous system, especially the brain and spinal cord.
Submitted by: odd from El Salvador on 19/01/2016


extravehicular activity: any activity on a space station etc that involves going outside the spacecraft
Real-life emergencies during extravehicular activity, or EVA, are more rare, but they do happen.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 19/01/2016

wash-up meeting

(also wash-up)
a meeting held at the end of a project to summarize and clear up any remaining problems
This caught my attention because I am soon to hold a wash-up on a project that I am just wrapping up.
All these points are useful for running a successful project wash-up meeting.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 19/01/2016

property guardian

someone who lives in an unoccupied building and takes care of it, paying low or no rent but with few rights
An investigation shows that property guardians are part of a growing underclass of renters with severely curtailed rights who live in miserable and legally dubious conditions.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 19/01/2016


producing or yielding more than one effect
This drug has pleiotropic effects.
Submitted by: Sara Fernández Castillejo from Spain on 19/01/2016
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