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smash it

to do something extremely well
Good luck with training and smash it in Rio!
Submitted from United Kingdom on 05/12/2016


nounformal or literary
a place for thinking or study
The internet itself is a kind of phrontistery, for whilst I am using the internet I learn a great many things about language and science.
Submitted by: Sol on 04/12/2016


adjectiveformal or literary
having great power or influence
"he would become a puissant man"
Submitted by: Ali.Emerald from Iran, Islamic Republic of on 03/12/2016


the practice of exploring nature to find commercially useful products
Thanks to bioprospecting, scientists managed to find a cure.
Submitted by: Jaque from Luxembourg on 03/12/2016


an object that makes your voice sound louder
He used a bullhorn to make the students pay attention to what he said.
Submitted by: Maréchal Lara from Belgium on 03/12/2016


treatment to destroy harmful microorganisms
Disinfection measures have been taken and specialists have been called in to clean up the sites
Submitted by: GeorgiaP. from Greece on 03/12/2016

travel light

travel without a lot of luggage, with only few things
Submitted on 03/12/2016


really,really cool
That shirt is really chill.
Submitted from New Zealand on 03/12/2016

wipe away

phrasal verb
to remove
his promise of tax cuts and wiping away regulation
Submitted by: Alejandro Motta from Uruguay on 02/12/2016


a film biography of a saint, or an excessively reverential biopic
It’s a solemn and low-flying hagiopic from director Clint Eastwood about Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 02/12/2016


someone who is in favour of the UK leaving the EU and all associated organizations completely amd immediately, regardless of the consequences
“Brextremist” Leave campaigners have been slammed today for creating a £58.7bn black hole in the public finances which could be better spent on vital infrastructure and public services.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 02/12/2016


a gallery or balcony with an open roof
I left the loggia open.
Submitted by: Andrei Nathaniel from Philippines on 02/12/2016


related or pertaining to the axis
The heavy axial load caused the slight bend on the shaft.
Submitted by: Frank from Kenya on 01/12/2016

love potion

a magical potion believed to arouse love or sexual passion toward a specified person, especially the person offering it
Submitted by: Ali from Pakistan on 01/12/2016


(also webcam blackmail)
the crime of trying to get money from people by persuading them to perform sexual acts that are filmed on a webcam and then threatening to share the film with friends, family, employers, etc
The shocking rise of 'sextortion' crime is laid bare today as police reveal the number of cases has doubled in a year.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 30/11/2016


very unstable; wobbly
You see, most people think that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually, from a non-linear, non-subjective point of view, it's more like a big ball of...Wibbly-Wobbly...Timey-Wimey...stuff.
I braked and went into a wibbly-wobbly spin on the icy road.
Submitted by: The Doctor on 30/11/2016

you get what you pay for!

an exclamation used to express your frustration with some service
Employees often use the phrase "You get what you pay for" to justify their mistreatment of customers.
Submitted by: Boris Marchenko from Russian Federation on 12/11/2014

pay it forward

a philosophy that the receiver of a gift, feeling grateful for a kindness, at the request of the gifter must not say thank you, instead they are to pay the kindness forward when the opportunity presents itself
My only request is that you Pay It Forward when the opportunity presents itself.
Submitted by: BMB from United States on 30/11/2016


having an irrational fear or hatred of America, Americans or the American culture
The student was influenced by her Ameriphobic teacher.
Submitted from United States on 29/11/2016

artificial conscience

the capacity of a computer to perform operations analogous to philosophically examining "intuition of guilt" about what ought to be or should have been done
The Moral Machine used its artificial conscience to determine whether it was ok to run over the pedestrians in a bid to save the passengers of a vehicle.
Submitted by: MensaMan from United States on 29/11/2016

phantom limb syndrome

the ability to feel sensations and/or pain in a limb that no longer exists, usually as a result of amputation
Submitted by: GeorgiaP. from Greece on 29/11/2016
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