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of or related to swag (=style, confidence)
Look at his swaggy outfit!
Submitted by: Huey from Australia on 22/08/2014 08:53:00


last month
Yestermonth, I bought a car, this month I will buy a driving uniform.
Submitted by: idriss El Mahdali from Morocco on 21/08/2014 17:12:00


someone who tries to cheat people, especially by tricking them into paying for non-existent goods or services
Scammers are tricking people into paying bogus support fees by setting up fake websites offering antivirus downloads designed to fail on installation.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 21/08/2014 16:09:00


deviating from what is expected
Goldie's debut looked to slick jazz-funk and soul for off-piste inspiration.
also an adverb
The canny young sommelier took me off-piste with some superb wines by the glass left over from a tasting.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 21/08/2014 15:18:00

boots on the ground

a situation in which a country's armed forces are physically present in an area of conflict, as opposed to attacking from the air or surveying the situation remotely
To do the job properly, our politicians are going to have to get over their hang ups about boots on the ground and face up to the reality of the threat we are facing.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 20/08/2014 09:00:00


to write a short endorsement of
I read Balko’s book prior to publication in order to blurb it, and after I was done, immediately wrote what struck me most about it.
Submitted by: David Kaminski from United States on 19/08/2014 21:09:00


to argue or bicker with someone or to talk with no meaning
Quit your quabbling if you want to say something just say it!
Submitted by: shiree from Australia on 19/08/2014 05:35:00


great; excellent: used to compliment someone on their appearance or their items of clothing
Your shoes are so safe.
Submitted by: mihi from Bahamas on 19/08/2014 05:32:00


an idiot
That guy is such a crab.
a grouchy person
in the sport of cricket, a bad batsman
Submitted by: Brodee Kitchin-Fitz from Australia on 19/08/2014 05:28:00


a large amount of money
I hope you appreciate the gift I gave you, it cost a grip.
Submitted by: Jason Renshaw from United States on 19/08/2014 00:13:00

kick rocks

to leave the current location; often used to express frustration by the resident as part of them telling another person to leave
You've been nothing but trouble, so it's time for you to kick rocks!
Submitted by: Jason Renshaw (origin-old friend named Justin) from United States on 19/08/2014


adorable (informal)
She's so adorbs. | Martine McCutcheon Confirms She's Pregnant With Her First Baby, Poses For Adorbs Bump Pics
Submitted from United Kingdom on 18/08/2014 16:17:00


a company, especially a large one
SWIFT for corporates enables corporates to exchange financial information (payments, securities orders, reporting) with all their financial institutions through one highly secure, standardised communication platform, as opposed to multiple connections.
Submitted by: Peter from Israel on 15/08/2014 17:32:00

major on (doing) sth

to have or do a lot of something; to focus on a particular thing
The US has majored on getting food to the refugees.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 14/08/2014 11:02:00

step it up

(also step things up)
to start to do something more intensely, more seriously etc
I decided to step it up a bit and over the course of a month create a whole new outfit from my wardrobe without buying anything new.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 13/08/2014 12:36:00

tech crèche

a safe (=a strong metal box with a special lock, used for storing valuable things) designed to encourage people to leave behind mobile phones and other electronic devices when doing outdoor leisure activities
The trilling of mobile phones in the forest may be a thing of the past with the introduction of what is being termed a tech crèche in a national park to encourage visitors to leave their gadgets behind and interact with nature instead.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 13/08/2014 11:36:00


the feeling of being tense and angry when you are hungry (hungry + angry)
Damn! Where is that steak I ordered? We've been waiting for an hour and a half here. The service here is terrible! I'm starving! I don't know about you, but I'm starting to feel really hangry!
Submitted by: Mahdiyeh from Iran, Islamic Republic of on 11/08/2014 13:04:00


a sport popular in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, played by two teams of 7 each occupying one side of the field. One member of the team (a raider) breathes in and then attempts to tag (=touch) one or more members of the opposing team before inhaling again. The opponents attempt to wrestle the raider to the ground to prevent him escaping before he has to inhale.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 10/08/2014 10:50:00


the point in the moon's orbit when it is closest to the earth
At perigee, the moon is around 31,000 miles closer than when it is furthest away from the Earth.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 10/08/2014 10:44:00

chick noir

a style of literature written for women which has a crime or other serious and compelling theme
The book is the latest example of a new genre that publishers are calling chick noir – no pink jackets, no happily-ever-after endings, just chilling narratives charting the breakdown of domestic intimacy and trust.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 10/08/2014 10:43:00