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(showing disapproval) a derogatory word used for referring to people in the banking and investment industry who are thought of as taking serious risks in order to increase their own earnings. ‘Bankster’ is a blend of the words 'banker' and 'gangster'.
Banksters were able to turn billions of dollars in risky mortgages into trillions of dollars in derivatives.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 26/01/2015 10:19:00


a kind of dance music that emerged in London in the early 2000s, influenced by UK garage, drum and bass, dancehall and hip hop
That's what I'm asking my brothers in grime to do; be proud and promote our music.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 23/01/2015 20:05:00

empty chair

to leave an empty chair or podium to represent a politician who refuses to take part in a debate
The BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky announced revised proposals for TV election debates and said they would “empty chair” party leaders who refused to take part.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 23/01/2015 20:03:00

balloon payment

a final payment on a loan, consisting of most or all of the amount borrowed, previous payments having been of the interest only
It's important to understand the dangers of a balloon payment car loan.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 23/01/2015 17:19:00


a Japanese dish consisting of noodles in broth with meat and vegetables
Ramen is cheap, it’s incredibly delicious, it offers infinite possibilities within a confined space ...
Submitted from United Kingdom on 23/01/2015 09:43:00


an offensive term for a young sexually active woman
The archetypical thot drinks cheap alcohol, eats Chipotle ... and shops at mall staple Aeropostale.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 22/01/2015 18:49:00

on hospice

a patient who is on hospice is receiving palliative care (=care designed to reduce the pain and other bad effects of terminal illness)
My Grandpa had been on hospice so it was an expected death.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 22/01/2015 18:42:00


an act of replacing one thing with another, especially in an unexpected or devious way
There's lots of food switcheroos you can do to healthify your favorite snacks and meals.
also a phrase, pull a/the switcheroo
Jay Manuel and Miss J. help Tyra Banks pull a surprise switcheroo before the 14 finalists are chosen.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 22/01/2015 18:13:00


an upright board across the foot of a bedstead or bed frame
He rested his feet on the footboard of his bed.
Submitted by: Rebekka Mamo - Gateway School of English GSE from Malta on 22/01/2015 15:17:00


a hard smooth pinkish raised growth of scar tissue at the site of an injury
Submitted by: sm from Japan on 22/01/2015 11:32:00

chak de

a slogan meaning c'mon or go, usually used in Indian cricket matches.
Chak de India!
Submitted by: vinny from India on 21/01/2015 18:51:00


when applied to food, refers to dishes that are traditionally regarded as junk food or fast food, but made with high quality ingredients and added elements such as exotic sauces
Dirty food is what the young and gorgeous eat when painting the town. | We've guzzled dirty burgers and met the chilli chips challenge.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 21/01/2015 17:05:00


(also Columbusing)
the act of discovering something that is new to you but familiar to another group, especially a minority group, and behaving as though it is new to everyone
As of late, nothing has been safe from “Columbusing” – the art of discovering trends that are old hat to us.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 20/01/2015 13:00:00


a fur scarf or cape worn around the shoulders
Memories began to stir, and I remembered all my Aunts and most of my cousins owned fur tippets.
a long scarf worn in ceremonies by the clergy
Submitted by: Patsy from United Kingdom on 20/01/2015 12:44:00


an old fashioned toy consisting of a cylinder with pictures inside. When you rotate the cylinder and look through slits at the inside, the pictures seem move.
The zoetrope is one of several animation toys which were invented in the 19th century, as people experimented with ways to make moving pictures.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 20/01/2015 09:14:00


a word meaning delicious, coined by Roald Dahl
That cake was so scrumdiddlyumptious!
Submitted by: lix from Austria on 20/01/2015 03:27:00


courgettes or similar vegetables cut into thin strands or ribbons and used as a substitute for pasta
The quickest and easiest way to cook courgetti is in a frying pan, over a medium-high heat, with a tiny splash of oil.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 19/01/2015 15:59:00


a post on social media that has features whose main purpose is to encourage other users to share the post
Here are a few types of sharebait that you can use to get your brand, product, or website more visibility.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 19/01/2015 15:53:00


an informal British word for a person you think is stupid
Blunt accused him of being a “prejudiced wazzock” teaching the politics of jealousy, rather than celebrating success like in America.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 19/01/2015 15:42:00


an offensive word for someone you despise
Singer James Blunt has accused shadow culture minister Chris Bryant of being a “classist gimp” after the politician cited him as one of the performers from a privileged background dominating the arts.
Submitted from United Kingdom on 19/01/2015 15:39:00