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About the Open Dictionary

The English Language is changing all the time.

At Macmillan Dictionaries, we are constantly monitoring the language to ensure that we keep an up-to-date record.

You can be a part of this enterprise by suggesting a word for our Open Dictionary. We'd love to know about your English:

  • What words have you come across that aren't in any dictionaries?
  • What words are you using that may be exclusive to your part of the world, or your part of the web?
  • What words have you always used in English that you can't find in most dictionaries and that you think should be there?

Before you add a new word, there are two simple points to remember:

  • We are looking for "real" words: that is, words which you know, and which you have seen or heard in use. We do not include words which have simply been invented.
  • We are looking for words which are not yet in the Macmillan Dictionary or the Open Dictionary. So – if you have time – please check to see whether your word is already there.

You can add your new word here. Thank you for helping us to keep our dictionaries relevant and up to date!

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