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verb [transitive] British English pronunciation: reduce /rɪˈdjuːs/ 
Word Forms
present tense
present participlereducing
past tensereduced
past participlereduced

Related dictionary definitions

  1. 1
    to make something smaller or less in size, amount, importance etc

    Try to reduce the amount of fat in your diet.

    reduce something by something:

    The workforce will be reduced by around 30 per cent.

    reduce something from something to something:

    It has reduced its size from about 135,000 employees to 75,000.

    Her lawyers got the charge reduced from murder to manslaughter.

    reduce something to the minimum:

    Risks must be reduced to the absolute minimum.

    reduce something in size/number etc:

    Their army will be drastically reduced in size and influence.

    greatly/significantly reduce something:

    The new systems should significantly reduce the amount of paper we use.

  2. 2
    to lower the price of something
    reduce something to something:

    All children's shoes are now reduced to £10 a pair.

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