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verb British English pronunciation: offer /ˈɒfə(r)/ 
Word Forms
present tense
present participleoffering
past tenseoffered
past participleoffered
  1. 1
    [transitive] to let someone know that you will give them something if they want it
    offer someone something:

    They haven't offered me the job yet.

    offer something to someone:

    He had offered cocaine to an undercover police officer.

    1. a.
      [transitive] to say that you will pay a particular price for something
      offer someone something for something:

      I offered Jim £5,000 for his car.

      offer something to someone:

      Police are offering a reward to anyone with information about the crime.

    2. b.
      [intransitive/transitive] to let someone know that you are willing to do something for them

      Actually, Jen's giving me a lift home – but thanks for offering.

      offer to do something:

      I do think you should have offered to help.

  2. 2
    [transitive] to provide something such as a product or service

    The department offers a course on Medieval Philosophy each year.

    Smaller hotels often offer greater comfort at lower prices.

    offer someone something:

    We'll be happy to offer you all the assistance we can.

    have a lot to offer (=to have many attractive features):

    The city has a lot to offer the business traveller.

  3. 3
    [transitive] to give someone something that you think they need or deserve

    A lot of people have offered us very useful advice.

    Susan still hasn't offered an explanation for her absence.

    1. a.
      to express your feelings towards someone

      offer sympathy/regrets/thanks

      He called the team manager to offer his congratulations.


phrasal verbs

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