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  1. 1
    if one person or thing is with another or does something with them, they are together or they do it together

    Hannah lives with her parents.

    I’ll be with you in a moment.

    She was having lunch with the boss.

    a problem you should discuss with your teacher

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  2. 2
    having or holding something
    1. a.
      used for saying what possessions, qualities, or features someone or something has

      a girl with red hair

      a room with a high ceiling

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    2. b.
      used for saying what someone is holding or carrying

      We saw Moore coming back with a drink in his hand.

      Servants would arrive with trays of tea.

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  3. 3
    used for saying what is used for doing something

    Stir the mixture with a spoon.

    Selim sat up, wiping his eyes with his hand.

    Edward entertained me with stories of his travels.

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  4. 4
    used for saying what person or thing you have a particular feeling towards

    Why are you angry with me?

    Feeling rather pleased with herself, Loretta went back to her office.

    We were disappointed with the court’s decision.

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  5. 5
    what causes a particular reaction or state
    1. a.
      used for saying what feeling causes someone to react in a particular way

      His face was red with embarrassment.

      Diana was positively trembling with rage.

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    2. b.
      used for saying what causes someone or something to be in a particular state

      The children were already weak with exhaustion.

      The air was thick with smoke.

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  6. 6
    used for showing who you compete, fight, or argue against

    Don’t argue with me.

    The war with France lasted for nearly 20 years.

    Banks are competing with each other in the property market.

  7. 7
    in a particular way
    1. a.
      used for saying the qualities that someone shows or the feelings that they have when they do something
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    2. b.
      used for saying what sound or expression someone or something makes when they do something

      The car roared down the drive with a screech of tyres.

      ‘Are you enjoying yourself?’ he asked with a friendly smile.

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    3. c.
      used for saying what position someone’s body is in when they do something

      Gordon was standing with his back to the window.

    4. d.
      used for saying how something starts, continues, or ends

      The story ends with the death of Jezebel.

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  8. 8
    used for saying who you support

    Are you with us or against us?

    an MP who had voted with the Government for privatization

    I’ll go along with whatever you think is best.

  9. 9
    while a particular situation exists
    1. a.
      because of the situation that exists

      With all this uncertainty about jobs, it’s difficult to make plans.

    2. b.
      in spite of the problems that exist

      With all its faults, democracy is still the best system we have.

  10. 10
    used for saying what is in or on something, for example what fills or covers it

    Fill the jug with boiling water.

    The hills were covered with snow.

    streets in Sorrento lined with orange trees

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  11. 11
    used for saying that people share or exchange things

    She shares her food with all the family.

    Most countries had already stopped trading with South Africa.

  12. 12
    moving in the same direction as the wind, current etc

    Their boat was drifting with the current.

  13. 13
    happening, developing, or changing because of something
    1. a.
      developing or improving as a result of something

      Every player’s performance will tend to improve with experience and training.

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    2. c.
      used for saying what event makes something possible

      With the arrival of scientific advances, we have discovered the causes of most diseases.

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  14. 14
    used for saying what a particular action or problem is related to

    There’s nothing wrong with my eyesight.

    The trouble with car alarms is that they often go off accidentally.

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  15. 15
    used for saying what kind of illness, injury, or problem is affecting you

    She has been in bed with tonsillitis for a few days.

  16. 16
    used for saying what people, countries etc someone behaves towards in a particular way

    I was very friendly with the manager’s secretary.

    US relations with Vietnam have improved recently.

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