wild - definition and synonyms


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  1. 3
    if the weather or the sea is wild, there is a storm with strong winds

    a wet and wild night

  2. 4
    expressing or feeling strong emotions

    Hernandez entered the boxing ring to wild cheers.

    wild with:

    The noise drove him wild with terror.

    go wild:

    When Pascal scored, the fans went wild.

    1. a.
      exciting and enjoyable

      his wild student days

      They have some pretty wild parties.

    2. b.
      informal very enthusiastic
      wild about:

      He’s really wild about bluegrass music.

      I’m not wild about the idea.

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  3. 5
    not accurate, or not considered carefully

    They make all sorts of wild promises, but nobody believes them.

    a wild guess:

    I don’t know, I’ll have to make a wild guess.

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noun [uncountable]