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  1. 1
    something that is white is the same colour as milk or snow. If something is similar to this colour, you can say that it is a whitish colour

    a black and white kitten

    pure/snow white (=completely white):

    the pure white sandy beaches

    brilliant/dazzling/gleaming white:

    the Spanish houses with their brilliant white walls

    white with:

    The hills were white with snow.

    See also black
  2. 2
    a white person belongs to a race of people with pale skin

    The attacker was described as white, with short hair.

    She has a number of white friends.

    1. a.
      relating to white people, or consisting of white people
      predominantly/mostly white:

      They live in a predominantly white suburb of Los Angeles.

    See also black
  3. 3
    very pale in the face because you are frightened, angry, or ill
    white with anger/shock/fear:

    Luke’s face was white with anger.

    go/turn white:

    She suddenly turned deathly white and fainted.

  4. 4
    white wine is a yellowish colour. Wine that is a dark purplish colour is called red wine.
    1. a.
      British white tea or coffee has milk in it
    2. b.
      white flour is made from grain that has had the outer part removed. White bread is bread made with white flour.
  5. 5
    informal completely fair or honest
    whiter than white:

    He is an old-fashioned, uncomplicated, whiter-than-white hero.


    The sport’s lily-white reputation has been stained by the affair.

derived word


noun [uncountable]

the snowy whiteness of her hair

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