week - definition and synonyms

noun [countable] 

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  1. a period of seven days, usually counted from a Sunday

    He travels south two days a week.

    That left ten pounds per week for food.

    last/next week:

    He will meet his uncle in Geneva next week.

    1. a.
      any period of seven days

      I haven’t seen her in over a week.

      They spent two weeks in Florida.

      We’re seeing Jim a week on Tuesday (=seven days from next Tuesday).

      week after week (=for a long time):

      I was doing the same old thing, week after week.

      Monday/Tuesday etc week (=the Monday/Tuesday etc after next Monday/Tuesday etc):

      I’ll be home Thursday week.

    2. b.
      the five days from Monday to Friday, when most people do work

      They work a 35-hour week.

      She stays in the city during the week.

    3. c.
      a week in which particular events happen

      National Children’s Week (=a week in which people raise money for children)