weak - definition and synonyms


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  1. 1
    a person who is weak does not have much physical strength or energy

    The illness had left him too weak to speak.

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    1. a.
      part of your body that is weak is not as strong or healthy as it should be

      He has always had a weak heart.

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  2. 3
    a weak person is one who does not have much determination and can be easily persuaded to do something that they do not want to do

    I was feeling weak and agreed to go.

    He had a weak character, but not an evil one.

  3. 4
    bad in quality

    They can always improve by working on their weak points.

    weak on:

    The report was criticized for being weak on detail.

    1. a.
      a weak player, performer etc is one who is not good at playing, performing etc

      If you are a weak speller, someone should check the letter.

  4. 5
    a weak building, bridge, or other structure is one that is likely to break under a lot of pressure

    The floorboards are weak in some places.

    1. a.
  5. 6
    a weak argument or idea is one that you can easily criticize or prove to be wrong

    The case is weak because it is based on very little real evidence.

    The Scottish Secretary gave a very weak answer.

    on weak ground:

    They were on weak ground, with no precedents for their action.

    weak point/spot:

    They exploited the weak points in their opponentsdefences.

    1. a.
      a weak feeling or attitude is one that you are not certain about, and might easily lose

      His faith in his family had become weak over the years.

    2. b.
      economics a weak economy or currency is one that does not have as much value as a strong one
      weak against:

      The pound grew weaker against the dollar.

  6. 7
    a weak liquid contains a lot of water and not much of a substance that gives it taste or strength

    She makes the tea too weak.

    a weak solution of hydrochloric acid

  7. 8
    a weak light, heat, or sound is one that you cannot easily see, hear, or feel

    He had only a weak light to work by.

    1. a.
      a weak action or movement is one that you do not easily notice

      She gave me a weak smile and a little wave.

  8. 9
    linguistics a weak word, or a weak part of a word, is not emphasized when you say the word
    1. a.
      a weak verb forms the past tenses in a regular way. Weak verbs in English do this by adding ‘-ed’, ‘-d’, or ‘-t’ to the infinitive.
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