vein - definition and synonyms


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  1. 1
    [countable] medical one of the tubes in your body that carry blood to your heart. A tube that carries blood away from your heart is an artery.
    1. a.
      [countable] biology one of the tubes that carry liquids through plants or insects
  2. 2
    [countable] a layer of a metal or other substance inside the earth
    1. a.
      [countable] a thin line of colour or of another substance, for example in cheese or stone
  3. 3
    [singular] a supply or amount of a particular thing
    vein of:

    There was a vein of humour in his remarks.

    a rich vein (=a large supply or amount):

    He certainly has a rich vein of talent.

  4. 4
    [singular] a particular mood, style, or subject

    He continued in this vein for a couple of minutes.

    in the same vein:

    Her second novel is a thriller, very much in the same vein as the first.