upper - definition and synonyms

adjective [only before noun] 

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  1. 1
    higher than something else, especially one of two things that are a pair

    He had a scar on his upper lip.

    You’ll be able to see more if you sit on the upper deck of the bus.

  2. 2
    near the top, or at the top, of something

    There is already some snow on the upper slopes.

    He’s got to build up his upper-body strength.

    upper limit (=the highest level or amount allowed):

    There’s no upper limit on the number of competitors in the race.

  3. 3
    higher in status or rank

    the upper ranks of the army

    the upper echelons (of something) (=people of high status within an organization):

    the upper echelons of the Conservative Party

  4. 5
    away from the coast

    the upper reaches (=parts) of the Zambezi