turn - definition and synonyms


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present tense
present participleturning
past tenseturned
past participleturned
  1. 1
    [intransitive/transitive] to change the position of your body or head so that you are facing in a different direction

    She turned and smiled at me.

    He turned his head and looked around the room.

    turn to:

    Maria turned to the reporters and said: ‘I’m innocent.’

    turn away:

    Lopez just glared at the other man and then turned away.

    turn around/round:

    The girls in front turned round and grinned.

    turn to do something:

    The whole audience turned to stare at the latecomers.

    1. a.
      [transitive] to change the position of something so that it is pointing in a different direction
      turn something around/round:

      Turn your chairs round so you’re facing me.

      turn something on someone/something:

      The attacker killed three people before turning the gun on himself.

      turn something over:

      Turn the tape over and pressPlay’.

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  2. 2
    [intransitive] to change the direction in which you are moving or travelling
    turn around/towards/into etc:

    We turned into our drive, glad to get home.

    The truck turned around and came back towards us.

    turn left/right:

    Follow this path; then turn right and walk uphill.

    1. a.
      [transitive] to make something change the direction in which it is moving
      turn something around/towards/into etc:

      He turned the car in the direction of the city.

      They ordered the pilot to turn the plane around.

    2. b.
      [intransitive] if a road or river turns, it bends and goes in a different direction

      Here the road turns sharply to the right.

    3. c.
      [intransitive] if the tide turns, it moves in the opposite direction
  3. 3
    [intransitive] to make a circular movement

    I heard the key turn in the lock.

    1. a.
      [transitive] to make something move in a circle

      Turning this wheel will start the machine.

  4. 4
    [transitive] if you turn the page of a book or magazine, you move it in order to read a different page
  5. 5
    [linking verb] to change and do or become something else
    turn professional:

    Duval turned professional in 1993.

    turn cold/chilly:

    The weather turned quite chilly in the afternoon.

    1. a.
      to change and become another colour

      The leaves turn bright red in autumn.

  6. 6
    [linking verb] to become a particular age or a particular time

    He turned 40 in March.

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  7. 7
    [intransitive/transitive] if your stomach turns, or if something turns your stomach, you feel as if food in your stomach is going to come out through your mouth
  8. 8
    [intransitive/transitive] mainly journalism if someone turns a game or a fight, or if it turns, it starts to develop in a different way
  9. 9
    [intransitive] if milk turns, it becomes sour
  10. 10
    [transitive] to give a particular shape to a piece of wood or metal using a lathe
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