turn on - definition and synonyms

phrasal verb [transitive]
present tense
I/you/we/theyturn on
he/she/itturns on
present participleturning on
past tenseturned on
past participleturned on
  1. 2
    turn something on to make a deliberate effort to use a special quality that you have in order to achieve something

    He’ll have to turn on all his charm to persuade her.

  2. 3
    turn something on someone/something to direct something at someone or something

    The hoses were turned on the demonstrators.

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  3. 4
    turn on something to be the issue, fact, or point that something depends on most
  4. 5
    turn on someone to suddenly start angrily criticizing someone or shouting at them
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  5. 6
    turn on someone to suddenly attack someone violently

    Dan suddenly turned on her and yelled at her to be quiet.

  6. 7
    turn someone on to make someone feel sexually attracted or sexually excited

    He’s very nice, but he just doesn’t turn me on.

  7. 8
    turn someone on informal to make someone become interested in something
    turn someone on to something:

    That book really turned me on to astronomy.

    1. a.
      whatever turns you on informal used for saying that something that interests someone else does not interest you
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