tie - definition and synonyms

noun [countable] 

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  1. 1
    a long narrow piece of cloth that a man wears around his neck under the collar of a shirt. It is tied with a knot. You use expressions such as collar and tie or jacket and tie to refer to formal clothes for men

    a silk tie

    For work, you should wear a collar and tie (=a shirt with a collar and a tie).

  2. 2
    a relationship or connection between people or things

    The treaty should strengthen ties between the two countries.

    family ties:

    Family ties have become weakened.

    ties of blood/marriage/friendship:

    the ties of marriage that united the kings

  3. 4
    a result of a game or competition in which each person or team has the same number of points, votes etc
    finish/end/result in a tie:

    The game finished in a tie.

    tie for:

    There was a tie for fourth place.

  4. 5
    British one game that is part of a competition

    a second-round tie

  5. 6
    something that limits your freedom

    With the animals needing regular attention, running a farm can be a tie.