thus - definition and synonyms

adverb formal 

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Thus can be used in the following ways:
as a way of showing how a sentence or clause is related to what has already been said: No decision had been made, and thus the situation remained unclear.
as an ordinary adverb: The merchants began to import corn, thus forcing farmers to cut their prices.
  1. 1
    as a result of the fact that you have just mentioned

    Fewer pupils will attend the schools, and they will thus need fewer teachers.

    Someone had removed all the evidence. Thus, it was now impossible for the police to continue their investigation.

  2. 2
    in the way that has been mentioned, or by the method that has been mentioned

    The oil producers will raise prices, thus increasing their profits.

    thus did/was:

    ‘The most beautiful village in England.’ Thus did the artist William Morris describe the village of Bibury.