thin - definition and synonyms


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  1. 1
    a thin object or material has only a short distance between two opposite sides, edges, or surfaces

    The box was covered with a thin layer of dust.

    There’s a thin crack in the glass.

    Cut the cucumbers and tomatoes into thin slices.

  2. 2
    someone who is thin has very little fat on their body

    Charles was thin and very tall.

    She has been ill and is much too thin.

    1. a.
      a thin part of the body has very little fat on it

      thin bony arms

  3. 3
    thin hair, fur, or plants do not look solid because there are spaces between the individual hairs or leaves

    a thin moustache

  4. 4
    a thin liquid contains mostly water, so that it flows easily

    a plate of meat covered with thin gravy

  5. 6
    small in number or amount

    Dexter won by a thin margin (=a small number of votes, points etc).

  6. 8
    thin air has less oxygen in it than usual

    In the mountains, the air is thinner.

  7. 9
    if someone gives a thin smile, their lips move but the feeling is not sincere

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noun [uncountable]
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